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Vote now! CSM8 voting is open

CSM 8 badge, a'la Rixx Javix style ;-)

I have a policy not to write about EVE politics on this blog. But I don't do it because I deem politics unimportant. To the contrary, it is very important. What I will not do, is to discuss the candidates and their profiles or endorse anyone, because I'm from Poland and we have a saying here, that "Wherever there is two poles there's three opinions". I could end up arguing with myself. It is up to you, dear reader, who you're going to cast your vote for.

At least you have a choice. CCP has created the Council of Stellar Management to let players have some means of indirect influence on the way EVE Online evolves. Of course members of the CSM can't march straight into the CCP office and say "Do this and this because this is shit, my dear sir". They are more like guinea pigs of sorts: devs show them their ideas and judge the playerbase reception based on Council's reaction. Members of the CSM should also play a role similar to the one canary birds used to play in mines: if devs have an idea, which for sure is game-breaking, the CSM should shout in unison "STOP DOING THAT! ARGHHH..." *dying gasp*.

EVE is a game which offers multitude of playstyles, based on what people like and enjoy in the game (and how much time they can or are willing to put into it). That's why it's so important that everyone has their advocate on the CSM. I'm not supporting X, because I'm doing Y, but I'm not saying X has less right to be represented on the CSM than Y.

That's where you come in, dear reader. To the contrary of what Rixx Javix said in his post about CSM8, your vote is important! Why? Because every little bit counts. Even though Alliances and major Power Blocs have the numbers to put their men on the CSM, there is more than just one seat for the taking. And it is your voice that has a say who will be on those remaining seats.

Now go and place your votes. Remember, CSM8 uses Wright-STV voting system. The pre-election phase is already over, but you can still select your 14-person preference list.

Credits: the pin shape has been borrowed from Rixx Javix pin.

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