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EDIT: Crucible 1.1 status update

EDIT: Crucible 1.5 1.1 Feature Page is now live! CCP has decided to roll back the number from 1.5 back to 1.1 😉

That also means:

@webspaceships: @CCP_Manifest @rox_lukas 1.1 just means that there's a 1.5 coming later with MOAR GOODIES 😀

@CCP_Manifest: @webspaceships @rox_lukas Yes, yes it does mean that.

Crucible has been out for some time and it was rather quiet on SiSi, mainly because of the holiday season. But fear not, CCP crew has rested for a while and now got back to serious work upon our favorite MMO.

Small things first

First off, CCP Punkturis has posted this list on the forum (and later this dev-blog)

  • New agents list, it tells you if you've been offered or if you've accepted a mission from an agent
  • Watch list can now have 15 people !!!
  • Watch list can now be ordered by dragging and dropping pilots !!!
  • Chat member list can be made more compact, right click on chat tab and "Show Compact Member List"
  • New icons for online/offline, blocked and voice in member lists
  • The online/offline notification which pops up when your buddy/enemy logs in is now has standings icon !!!
  • Said notificaction can be dragged to chat to info link that pilot and right clicked on
  • You can now shift click modules to overload them !!!
  • Overload button shows feedback from when it's been clicked until it's activated/deactivated
    Overload part 1Overload part 2
  • You can now filter the skills you see in your character sheet and skill queue to find the skill you want
  • Nomenclature Obfuscation Reduction: CCP will be re-naming modules (namely missiles and ABs/MWDs) in a schema that tells the user what they do.
  • Autocomplete and search hints have been added to the asset search function

Neo NEOCOM is back

But that's not all. Remember the famous Windows-like "Start Menu" for EVE by CCP Optimal? Well, the new NEOCOM is back. But it is not horizontal as before - it is vertical like the classic one. The main difference is however, the new menu is fully customizable.

When you click the EVE menu it will scroll down with all the possible options. Of course it is possible to drag and pin each menu option to the main "taskbar", so you can access any feature by a single click. The taskbar itself is fully customizable as well -it is possible to drag and move pinned icons around. By the way, if you minimize any window (be it chat, showinfo or anything else), it goes straight to the taskbar as well. Think of it like a vertical Windows 7 menu.

Assault Frigates got some love - and a 50% reduction of the MWD signature radius penalty:

Make sure to read this forum post by CCP Tallest with all proposed Assault Ships changes. With the additional 200 armor HP and 10% bonus to guns (per level) Enyo will become real killing machine 😉 Wolf looks quite interesting as well. The 10% drone durability (per level) bonus on Ishkur will allow its smaller companions much more time to chew on enemies.

When Crucible was being developed, the devs promised us new Deadspace modules. It is then no surprise, that the current Singularity client contains new deadspace shield hardeners:

Fuel Block switchover

According to CCP Soundwave, Fuel Block handover is planned on January 24th. As you remember, CCP has introduced the Fuel Blocks as part of Crucible 1.0, but POSes still burn multiple types of fuel. On the 24th however, they will start using blocks instead. Make sure to have enough fuel of both kinds in your Control Tower for up to 2-3 more days (27th is a good target) just in case the switchover causes any unforseen issues.

Expansion numeration

This blog about the return of Neo NEOCOM by CCP Optimal mentions Crucible 1.1 (the one I have originally mentioned in this post title). However the news item about mass test on Singularity mentions Crucible 1.5.

Try it out yourself!

If you have never ever tried to access Singularity public test server before (or SiSi for short), feel free to try! TG has posted this great Singularity tutorial I really recommend reading it.

The test server allows testing the coming patch, but also allows harmless testing and training, because EVERYTHING costs exactly 100 ISK there. Every now and then the devs make a mirror copy of all active characters from the live EVE server (the Tranquility), so you might be missing a few skills, but most should be there.

@CCP Small things: would be nice to implement a "smart" production/lab autoselect based on location. Choosing the assembly line manually is really tedious when running multiple invention/production jobs.

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