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Quafe Megathron giveaway winners

We have a winner! According to this Chribba dice, the winner is Euclid Motorhead!

The runner ups were Growler Dude and The Chrysi.


Thank you to everyone who participated, and best of luck next time!

Euclid Motorhead

1. Euclid Motorhead

Growler Dude

2. Growler Dude

The Chrysi

3. The Chrysi

Prizes have been contracted to the winners and are ready to be claimed. Enjoy!


LMeve dev blog: POCO details page and client list!

In November 2013 CCP has allowed high sec NPC Customs Offices owned by Interbus to be destroyed and then replaced with player owned ones. Previously only low-sec Customs Offices were vulnerable. Of course having POCOs makes a very nice passive source of ISK (you don't have to do anything, apart from an occassional call to arms to defend them). But have you ever wondered how much you earn through your POCO network or who is using them?

In a previous update of LMeve I have added the ability to visualize which POCOs earn the most ISK, and in this iteration I continue the trend to show even more details. You can now choose a specific POCO and see a Details page for it. This page shows how much this specific Customs Office earned in the last 30 days - counting between 30 days ago and today, income in the last calendar month, and in the current one, so you can see trends).

What's another new thing is the list of your customers. Corp Wallet Journal entries for planetary taxes show the client's name and planets ID, so by running an aggregate query on that you can see:

  • who is using a specific POCO
  • how often they use it
  • how much they pay in taxes (so you can approach them and offer a discount in exchange for let's say blue status)

Note: due to this information being obtained from corp Wallet Journal, it won't show characters who have 0% tax rate, as these people will only pay the NPC tax, and no taxes to your corp at all (so no records are added to corporation Wallet Journal).

PI new planet detail screen

If you have ideas for more features in LMeve, please feel free to contact me. The best way is to raise an Issue on project's Github page: https://github.com/roxlukas/lmeve. Choose an appropriate category (bug fix, enhacement or question) and write down what you need, or what needs fixing. I can't guarantee that all requests will result in that feature being added to LMeve, but if the feature looks useful, won't take forever to code and most importantly, the information required to make it is in the EVE API, it has a high chance of being included in one of the future releases.

Tweetfleet Slack

Just one more thing. Ashterothi, ex-member of Aideron Robotics and well-known host of podcasts such as High Drag and Hydrostatic Podcast, has recently created a Slack team for Tweetfleet. Slack is generally a communications platform aimed at companies, but it has a very nice real time chat (plus a dedicated app for iOS & Android). It is very useful, and a dedicated #devfleet channel also exists, so feel free to drop by and chat with fellow players, CCP devs and third party devs. It's really fun!

To get invited, simply head to https://www.aideronrobotics.com/tweetfleet/ and fill in the form.

Tweetfleet Slack itself is here: https://tweetfleet.slack.com/


UPDATE: Quafe Megathron skin giveaway & more!

megathron_72dpiYesterday during fourth episode of the "o7" show, CCP was giving away 30 codes for Megathron Quafe Edition skin (the same one that I've drawn using Rixx Javix hints).

I have just realized I won one of those codes! ;-)

But I think one of you, my dear space friends, will put it to better use than I would, so I'm giving it away!


To enter the raffle, simply comment under this post until 23:59, January 22th. Winner will be chosen randomly next Friday, Jan 23. Make sure to include your in-game name, so I can contact you regarding the prize.

Giveaway prize list so far

1.1 run Megathron Quafe Edition Blueprint Copy 4x Quafe Zero1x Megathron Quafe Edition Blueprint Copy (1 run)
4x Quafe Zero
2.Confessor1x Confessor
3.Confessor1x Confessor

[ ticket list ] [ dice ]

P.S. Tech I Megathron is not included - you will need one to apply the skin to.

P.S.2. A little change of plans. I won't be available this weekend, so I'm shortening the giveaway so the winner will be announced on Friday.


LMeve dev blog: Big POCO update coming

Just as promised in the previous LMeve dev blog, I have recently added the ability to track income from individual planets. Moreover, with the new percentage bars, you will know what are your best planets simply by looking at the table. To check how much a specific planet earned you in the last 30 days, simply hover your mouse above that planet's name to see a tooltip with the exact number.


But this is not the only thing added in this release. Some pages require crunching a lot of data, which means they render rather slowly. Most of this data doesn't change very often, so it seems to be a good idea to generate them once, and then save a cached copy. Then every time users come back to this page, a cached version is displayed, saving everyones time.

One of the pages, the Profit Chart can have several hundred records, which need their manufacturing and invention prices calculated, and it can load for as long as few minutes (depending on individual configuration of course). I used a different approach here: a lazy loader. Instead of one big 2 minute request, I display the page immediately, and as user is scrolling, more data is being loaded into the table in packs of 10 rows.

How to link POCOs with planets & income?

It's not trivial, but far from impossible. Let's have a look at columns returned by the /corp/CustomsOffices.xml.aspx API:

<row itemID="101296791423" solarSystemID="30004295" solarSystemName="Keba" reinforceHour="19" allowAlliance="True" allowStandings="True" standingLevel="-10" taxRateAlliance="0" taxRateCorp="0" taxRateStandingHigh="0" taxRateStandingGood="0.05" taxRateStandingNeutral="0.07" taxRateStandingBad="0.1" taxRateStandingHorrible="0.15" />

There is POCO itemID, which stays the same in all API endpoints, there is solarSystemID and system name. And of course the tax settings. But there is nothing about planet itemID here. Maybe /corp/Locations.xml.aspx endpoint will reveal a bit more?

<row itemID="101296791423" itemName="Customs Office (Keba I)" x="58598019193.2515" y="-5937030740.62145" z="-3890977687.95432" />

Okay, so now we have x, y, z coordinates, and POCOs name. In the first version of POCO management screen I simply cut planet name out of this using a regular expression. But to link it with other data we still need the planet itemID. How do we find it? Well, POCO is orbiting a planet, right? And we have cooridnates of all planets in the Static Data Export database - in the mapDenormalize table. What are we waiting for?

CREATE FUNCTION `findNearest`(`x1` DOUBLE, `y1` DOUBLE, `z1` DOUBLE, `solarSystemID1` INT) RETURNS int(11)
 (SELECT SQRT(POW(x1-x,2)+POW(y1-y,2)+POW(z1-z,2)) AS dist,itemID
 FROM mapDenormalize
 WHERE `solarSystemID`=solarSystemID1
 LIMIT 1) a


Bingo! The function returns the closest solar body, in this case, itemID of the planet. We just have to JOIN two other tables from SDE: invNames to convert the planet ID we just got into planet name, Keba I, and invItems to find it's typeID (Temperate, Barren, Oceanic, etc.).

Ok, now on to income for this specific POCO. For this, we will need  /corp/WalletJournal.xml.aspx endpoint, which contains all the transactions of a corp. The records we are looking for will have refTypeID equal to 96 and 97 (import/export taxes) and the planet itemID will be in argID1 field. Once all joins are in place, we simply have to filter last thirty days and SUM all the amount values.

As usual, the current LMeve version can be downloaded from https://github.com/roxlukas/lmeve


Caroline’s Nebula

Last thursday CCP Guard and CCP Mimic hosted episode #3 of the o7 show (which, mind you, is quite amazing and you should definitely check it out), and during that show CCP Seagull told us the name of the January expansion, the Proteus. The guys responsible for the Community website have already prepared a page for the upcoming release, and it's available here:


Now back to Caroline's Star. Did you notice the thing in the top left corner, just under words "Proteus 13 Jan"?


(original picture is here)

Every supernova leaves a nebula after the explosion. It contains the remains of the exploded star, mostly made of elements heavier than Helium, which were fused during the stellar collapse and subsequent explosion. Mind you, most of the atoms in our very bodies came from a supernova. Anyway, as you can clearly see on the picture, Carolines' Star, despite its superluminal effects, behaves just like a typical nova: it creates a new nebula.

Caroline's Nebula


Updated on Dec 19th:

As it turns out, the background on Proteus website is refreshed every day, so it shows how the nebula looks like in game, in real time.

rhea_21gt8YACsq rhea_23sQX8882M rhea_249dDVA3Yy rhea_29D8yVuTc3


Stargate network in Jove space is destroyed

Almost everyone knows the "Caroline's star"* by now. It's this bright new star, with a vertical streak, that is visible from every corner of New Eden.


 * the screenshot of the new star was first published on Twitter by Caroline Grace. Both CCP and players quickly adopted "Caroline's star" as the name for this phenomenon.

But there is more to it than just a few pixels on the sky. It seems that the recent supernova in Jovian space has destroyed almost all stargates in the following regions: A821-A, J7HZ-F and UUA-F4.

Data mining only confirms these findings. When you queried EVE SDE database for Phoebe for jumps between systems in Jove space, you would get 546 jump connections:

FROM `eve_pho100_dbo`.`mapSolarSystemJumps` 
WHERE `fromRegionID` 
IN ( 10000004, 10000017, 10000019 ) 

But now, when you open your map in game and set all jump lines to be shown, you will notice there is no jump connections in Jove space anymore! Also please notice how the epicenter pinpointed by NPCs players in this ingame news item happens to be exactly in the middle of the cleared area.


Querying Rhea Static Data Export only confirms this:

FROM `eve_rhe100_dbo`.`mapSolarSystemJumps` 
WHERE `fromRegionID` 
IN ( 10000004, 10000017, 10000019 ) 

Warning: wild speculation follows

This answers the question why CCP has removed Jovian graphical assets from the game earlier this year. There are no Jovians left. I am probably safe to say that by now all the Jove are gone!

This also let's me believe that the whole "Stargate Building" thing shown by CCP Seagull during the last Fanfest will most likely happen in the post-Jovian regions of space. Of course nothing has been confirmed byt the CCP yet.


Welcome to EVE Online

It all started with a trailer

Last friday CCP published a new EVE Online trailer - one that was solely based on player comms. It's great and if you haven't seen it yet, I really recommend you do so now (please mind there are explicit words there)

If you are here because of that trailer, welcome! EVE Online is an amazing game with a huge world to explore, and multitude of things you can get involved with. The trailer is focused on player-versus-player combat, which is one of the most important features of EVE. But it's just one side of the medal. Where there is destruction, there must also be creation, like Yin and Yang, intertwined in an endless cycle of life.

Got an account yet?

Did you start your account yet? If not, you can use this link to create a 21-day free trial account (it's completely free of charge).

What should new players do in EVE once they start an account?

First off, familiarize yourself with the game and the interface. Do the initial tutorial. Once you're done with the tutorial, I really recommend you run at least some of the advanced tutorials called "Career Agents". These will show you some of the professions and game mechanics, once you've learned the basics. Remember: in EVE you are not bound or limited to any particular profession. If you like something, train the skills required and try it!

Skills in EVE are very much different from other games, because your character is training all the time, even when you are offline. There is also only five levels for each skill, which means that new players can quickly catch up with veteran players in a particular field. Yes, veteran players are experts at almost everything, but they don't use all their skills on a daily basis.

For combat-oriented pilots, the best place to start is Brave Newbies. It is an alliance in EVE Online, where newbies are not only welcome, but they are the base of their fleets. In EVE numbers are somewhat important, and a group of newbies can easily kill experienced solo players. In BRAVE you will jump into action right off the bat on day one.

Make sure to have voice comms installed (the program they use is  called Mumble - here's a link to the setup guide)

For players interested in EVE in general (not just destruction) the best place to start is still the famous EVE University:

EVE University is a neutral, non-profit training corporation in EVE Online that exists to train new players in the basics of life in New Eden. Founded on March 15, 2004 by Morning Maniac, the University continues to uphold a strong reputation through previous wars, robust management, knowledgeable graduates and instructors, and quality students. The heart of the corporation resides in teamwork through wars, events, and cooperative help in the chat channel.

New Eden is a dark and harsh world

Most players are generally friendly towards newcomers, but there will be also black sheep who'd rather kill you, knowing that as a new player you will not know how to properly defend yourself. EVE is a game where PVP combat is non-consensual. Everyone can attack everyone else, anywhere. Of course there are places more secure than others, but in EVE you are never truly safe. High sec areas (systems with Security Status between 0.5 and 1.0) have NPC police known as CONCORD, which will always kill the agressor. But they might not be able to kill the offender before he manages to pick off your ship.

Therefore heed these simple rules:

  • never fly something you can't afford to replace
  • avoid moving cargo worth more than the ship
  • stay vigilant and have your eyes open

There is more to EVE, than just EVE

First off, there is EVE forums. If you want to talk to the devs, this is the first place to look for them. Secondly, there is the #tweetfleet hashtag on Twitter. CCP Games devs are usually quite active here as well. Also make sure to look up the EVE community page for news and information. One of the things you'll find there is the upcoming changes in EVE, which will be delivered on December the 9th in Rhea release.

CCP Games also offers a special API access to their game servers, so players can write third party programs which integrate with the game. The APIs are read-only, so their main purpose is progress tracking, information sharing and coordination.

You can create and manage your API keys here, and then you can use the keys to run one of the mobile apps for EVE:

Further reading

There is many player written guides about EVE, one of them is this guide on the game wiki. There is many things you can do in EVE, and each activity has their own guide. One of the best player created guides to EVE is ISK the guide vol 3.


New third party page: evelexicon.com

@Fuzzysteve (Steve Ronuken, member of CSM #9 and the guy behind the most popular SDE-to-MySQL and SQLite conversions) has surprised the community today with a very nice simple website:

What does it do? You've guessed it, it's a simple wiki-like vocabulary for EVE Online. Everyone is welcome to add new definitions to it. How do you log on? Simple: Eve Lexicon is using EVE SSO, so go on, log in using your EVE Online credentials, and add some definitions!

The site is written in PHP with a tiny bit of JQuery to make it pretty. EVE SSO integrations are now possible thanks to the new Third Party Developers Portal. A sample SSO library for developers (also by @Fuzzysteve) is available at github.com.


Mobile apps for EVE Online on Windows Phone


» For iOS and Android apps please view this post «

About two years ago I've written a post about iOS and Android apps for EVE Online, but I didn't have any Windows Phone device at the time, so I had to skip this fledgling platform. Said post has become very popular and is one of my top post to the date. Few months ago I've become owner of Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8.1, so I am now able to test EVE apps on Windows Phone. Enjoy!

Windows Phone 8 apps

EVE Mail

EVE Mail is in-game mail client. Entering API Key is straightforward - simply press the plus sign on the first page. Once you've done that, your characters will appear on the front page. Each toon has their own set of mailboxes including "Inbox" (all mail), "Personal" (character mail), "Corporation" (corp mail) and "Alliance" (as name says). You also see your "Mail lists" and "Sent" which holds all messages you've sent. XML EVE API does not let messages to be sent from device, so this app is of course read-only.

Unfortunately the app does not have a Live Tile, which would utilize one of the most powerful features of Windows Phone. There is also no notifications when new mail arrives - you have to open the app to manually refresh the mails.

All in all, the app is still useful, because it gets the job done.

eve mail 1 eve mail 2 eve mail 3

Eve Mercenaries

This is an ultra simple reference app. Looking for a Mercenary? Download this app and you'll know who to talk to. Information is divided by space type (high sec, low sec, null and wh space).

While the app does contain some potentially useful information, it is very poorly designed. Readibility and formatting is well below acceptable level. There is not even an "About" screen, so I had to go back to Windows Store to find out who to blame. Sorry Team R Helix, I am no Windows Phone dev, but I can make a better looking app in under an hour.

eve mercenaries

Eve Mining Monitor

Now something well designed for a change (and quite useful, too). This is another reference app, this time for miners. It does exactly the same thing as LMeve Ore Chart: shows the ISK value per cubic meter of every ore and every ice in game. However, you have to make sure to update the prices before using the app, or the Ore chart will be inaccurate. Go to Settings and choose either Region or Trade Hub prices and then hit refresh. Good job, Vagus Malakhov!

emm 1 emm 2 emm 3

Eve Price

Another reference app, this time for market traders (but let's face it, everyone needs a Jita price check now and then). There is two lookup modes:

  • Quick - simply enter item name and system - app will try to guess what you mean and will provide a quick  drop down list with most relevant choices
  • Search - enter item name, choose region (and optionally system)

What I find useful about this app is that you can save your favourite searches on the "Favorites" page - so there is no need to enter item and system names every time.

All price data comes from eve-central.com.

wp_ss_20141118_0023 wp_ss_20141118_0020 wp_ss_20141118_0022 wp_ss_20141118_0019


First character tracker for Windows Phone in this test. It is very simple, but gets the job done.

  • "Details" page shows characater name and portrait, amount of ISK, character attributes and clone data. Note: no numer formatting on the ISK field. Can't see if I have 3 billion ISK or three hundred million.
  • "Now Training" page shows information and progress bar for the skill currently in training. You can add a reminder when the skill is trained.
  • "Queue" page shows the current skill queue. Note: on the small screen of my Lumia, the font used for the skill list seems a little too big.
  • "Skills" page shows all the skills currently trained by the character.
  • "Certificates" page currently shows nothing (bug?)

wp_ss_20141118_0026 wp_ss_20141118_0027 wp_ss_20141118_0028 wp_ss_20141118_0025


Another character progress tracker. This one allows one more thing, compared to EVEision: it shows market transactions. Unfortunately (again) has problems with number formatting. While ISK amounts look fine, training times are shown in a weird format: D.H:mm:ss

It does however support Start Tiles (not Live Tiles though, but still, it's better than no tiles support whatsoever). You can pin any of your characters to the start menu. Tapping the tile brings up EveLet showing this specific character. Neat!

  • Summary - shows corp, ship, ISK and SP amounts, Skill Queue and Market Transaction summary
  • Queue - shows current skill queue
  • Transactions - shows the list of last market transactions
  • Orders - shows the list of current market orders

wp_ss_20141118_0031 wp_ss_20141118_0029 wp_ss_20141118_0030


Yup, it's the same EVEMON you know from the "big" Windows and it's been developed by the same team of people.

Unfortunately... it does not work :-( After entring API key it complains about the format of the Characters.xml.aspx endpoint, so it probably requires some compatibility work. I will review it again when (and if) it is properly updated.

wp_ss_20141118_0036 wp_ss_20141118_0035 wp_ss_20141118_0034 wp_ss_20141118_0033 wp_ss_20141118_0032

EVE Profiler

One more character tracker. And I must say I'm impressed, because it is very well designed. It looks both like a native Windows Phone app (puts emphasis on fonts, font sizes and minimalistic design), and an EVE Online themed app. Menu slides in from the left and looks similar to NEOCOM strip in game. Very good design, Mr Jeremy Shore!

Regarding features it is rather limited when compared to the other character trackers. It offers the following:

Character Summary page: corporation, when joined, security status, active ship

Eve Mail page - a very neat mail reader

Skills page - I was unable to load all the skills Lukas has :(

Unfortunately it is less stable than the other apps and crashed to start menu a few times. Maybe it is just my budget Lumia. I hope Jeremy updates his app soon, because it looks really great.

wp_ss_20141118_0037 wp_ss_20141118_0038 wp_ss_20141118_0039 wp_ss_20141118_0040


Probably the best character tracker for Windows Phone so far, it is both stable, good looking and has quite some features. Don't let that home brew icon fool you. After entering the API key, main menu is shown and it consist of:

  • pilot list
  • notifications
  • eve-news (several sources news reader, including eve news 24, tmc and official eve online feeds)

After choosing on of the characters, several pages worth of information are shown:

  • sheet - shows security status, currently piloted ship and location, ISK balance, SP amount, Clone grade, date of character creation and attributes
  • queue - shows skill queue
  • skills - displays currently trained skills. Note: it's the only app that has skills grouped like in game
  • notifications - like name says

And it supports Live Tiles on the start menu! I really recommend this app. Good job, 3rd Rock Studios!

wp_ss_20141118_0046 wp_ss_20141118_0047 wp_ss_20141118_0048 wp_ss_20141118_0049 wp_ss_20141118_0050 wp_ss_20141118_0041 wp_ss_20141118_0042 wp_ss_20141118_0044 wp_ss_20141118_0045

Mili: Damage

Another ultra simple reference app. Remember when everyone had damage dealt/weakness for all factions in their bio? Well, this is it.

wp_ss_20141118_0052 wp_ss_20141118_0051

Ship Browser

This app is a ship database. It takes a while to load, but is packed with information, and can even display some of the ships in 3D. It looks very much like a show info window and contains the same st of information (ship stats, description, ship image). If you can't live without spinning ships on the go, this app is for you.

wp_ss_20141118_0053 wp_ss_20141118_0054 wp_ss_20141118_0055


Inspired by Rixx Javix: Megathron Quafe Edition

Have you ever heard of Rixx Javix? I bet you have. Well, our famous blogger friend from Eveoganda has recently started drawing EVE Online ships in Adobe Illustrator in order to create high quality posters that you can then print out on A0 and put on your wall, so everyone knows that internet spaceships are your hobby. I really recommend you take some time, and have a look at his work here: Art Print Poster Series.

The series looks great, each ship is positioned in a way that presents it best, and is meticulously detailed, so even after printing at a very high resolution, it still looks amazing. I guessed the method Rixx used to create these (he later confirmed it on his blog), and - being inspired with his work - took my own attempt at recreating one of the most iconic ships in EVE - The Megathron - in a vector drawing. But it's not just any Megathron - it's Megathron Quafe Edition.

Rixx is using Adobe software to make his series, namely Illustrator and Photoshop. I have chosen to use open source software instead, so my poster was made with The GIMP and Inkscape. Both me and Rixx used The Amber's excellent ship viewer known as "Jeremy" at http://caldariprimeponyclub.com/ for reference.

Click to download 300dpi versionFeel free to download the vector SVG version here.