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EVE Online Player Gathering in Warsaw: 30.07.2014

EVE Online player gathering Warsaw 2014Jeśli jesteś graczem EVE Online z Polski, to jak najszybciej zarezerwuj sobie wolne 30 i 31 lipca. Dlaczego?

Ponieważ z dumą ogłaszam oficjalny zlot graczy EVE Online w Warszawie, 30 lipca 2014, który uświetni swoją obecnością sam CCP Gargant z teamu Community!

GDZIE: Hard Rock Cafe
ul. Złota 59
Warszawa, Poland
(mapka dojazdu)

KIEDY: 30.07.2014, startujemy o 19:00

Możesz już zacząć organizować transport i nocleg!

Q: Czy to aby na pewno oficjalny zlot?
A: CCP Guard właśnie potwierdził zlot: First Official player gathering in Warsaw

Q: Jak dojechać?
A: Planujemy zlot w ścisłym centrum Warszawy, więc pociągi zatrzymujące się na stacji Warszawa Centralna to najprostszy dojazd. Przed Pałacem Kultury zatrzymują się też prywatne busy i autobusy, więc z dojazdem nie powinno być problemu. Możesz też wybrać Polski Bus, który zatrzymuje się na stacji Młociny. Stamtąd wystarczy dojechać metrem do stacji Centrum(mapka dojazdu)

Q: Ale 30 lipca to przecież środa, cóż za fatalny termin na zlot!
A: Wiemy o tym. Z drugiej strony tylko w tym terminie możemy gościć w Polsce CCP Garganta. Jednak jeśli zlot wypali, koledzy z CCP z pewnością odwiedzą nas ponownie.

Q: W jakich godzinach będzie zlot?
A: 19:00 - 23:00, przy czym nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie żeby zostać dłużej

Chcielibyśmy ocenić jak dużo osób wybiera się na event - dlatego proszę wypełnij formularz rejestracyjny pod tym postem. Z góry dzięki!

PS. Mail nie musi być prawdziwy, ale po evencie wystawię zdjęcia ze zlotu i namiary zostaną wysłane na podany w formularzu adres.

Do zobaczenia na miejscu!


If you are an EVE Online player, and you are from Poland, you should arrange a day off on 30th and 31th of July. Why?

Because I'm very proud to announce that on July 30th there will be an official Player Meeting in Warsaw, attended by no other, but CCP Gargant himself!

WHERE: Hard Rock Cafe
ul. Złota 59
Warsaw, Poland
(downtown map)

WHEN: 30.07.2014, we start at 19:00

You can already start arranging accomodation and travel to a party in the hottest summer capital in the Central Europe!

Q: Is this official?
A: CCP Guard has just confirmed the event here: First Official player gathering in Warsaw

Q: How to get there?
A: We plan the event in the Warsaw downtown, so coming by train to Warszawa Centralna is probably the easiest way. Some buses and coaches which have a stop near Pałac Kultury will also work for you. It is also possible to travel with Polski Bus, which stops at Młociny station in Warsaw. You can then take the underground directly to the Centrum station. (downtown map)

Q: But July 30th is Wednesday, what a lousy timing for a gathering!
A: We are well aware of this. On the other hand it's the only way we can have CCP Gargant with us. But I'm pretty sure that after doing it once, we will be able to pull it off again, so everyone interested will be able to attend.

Q: What time will the event take place?
A: 19:00 - 23:00, but you can stay longer if you want.

If you already know that you're coming, please fill the short registration form below. Thanks!

See you there!


Jeśli wybierasz się na zlot ( wystarczy 90% pewność ;-) ), proszę wypełnij formularz poniżej. Dzięki!

Rejestracja została zakończona

Jeśli nie zdążyłeś/aś się zarejestrować, nie przejmuj się i przyjedź na zlot!  Po prostu wypełnisz identyfikator markerem na miejscu ;-)


Crius API changes

industryAs per this dev blog by CCP FoxFour (@regnerBA), industry changes in Crius will also change the way Industry API works.

There will be no new endpoints, but old endpoints will be changed instead. This means old tools will no longer work unless their developers adapt them. But fear not, #devfleet has you covered!

Lockefox (@HLIBindustry) has published tools and sample API data to help other third party devs adapt their apps.

You can find his github repository here: https://github.com/lockefox/CriusDev

  • scripts which handle the new BPO data (to use on this file: <sisi client path>\bin\staticdata\blueprint.db from your Sisi client)
  • sample API outputs from the modified endpoints
    • corp/facilities.xml
    • char/industryJobs.xml
    • char/industryJobsHistory.xml

Great job Lockefox! It's much appreciated!

PS. I will do my best to add these changes to LMeve before Crius deployment, but due to summer holiday season this might take a few days longer. Stay tuned!


Old EVE Screenshots #1 – 2006 – 2007

Last weekend I was doing some travel, and as most of you know, waiting for a connecting flight can often be a pain. Less so if you have a laptop or tablet with you to help pass the time. And I was lucky to have my iPad with me. So I began to sift through all my EVE screenshots (since day one - August 2005), and quickly found some interesting ones. So I've started sharing them on Twitter.

Judging by the favourites and retweets, #tweetfleet has enjoyed them, so I thought you guys might like them, too!

Jump to Lukas Rox! Old cyno jump effect Tanking mining barges since 2006! GOLDEN VEXOR (kidding, Tech I looked like this) Old fitting window Flying Tech I indy through nullsec (noob mistake!) Old shield boosting effect police-comet-2007 because-of-falcon


LMeve new features – 0.1.30 beta in testing

Hello internet spaceship industry moguls! With Crius and big changes to industry just around the corner, one would surely benefit from a contribution tracking tool such as LMeve.

I realize that, and despite the fact that I'm retired from the game, I still support the tools.

New features

First, thanks to an amazing dev known as CCP FoxFour (@regnerBA) and his recent work on CREST & EVE API, LMeve will now display the list of POCOs owned by your Corporation (or Corporations) and tax rates set on each of them.

lmeve-02Another new feature is one that was well overdue - it even had a placeholder in the menu, but it was not completed before my retirement. Say hello to PVE Activity window. It shows how many missions and incursions have been run in a given month (based on the WalletJournal data; number of missions equals the amount of agent mission payouts and CONCORD payouts account for incursion sites run). A similar graph for PVP is in the works as well (will show kills vs losses).


Some bugs have been squished as well (for example all graphs will now show proper number of days for each month instead of hardcoded 31). Another bug was in poller code for POS list (StarbaseList.xml.aspx). Due to the way it was written (INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE...;), all old POSs would continue to exist in the database, despite the fact they have been unanchored or destroyed. New code (DELETE...; INSERT...;) removes all old POSs and updates them per latest API data. The same code was used for Pocos, so they should update correctly as well.

By the way, I have a patch ready for EVE: Crius industry changes (new ME and TE formulas), but I will hold it until this new expansion is released.

You can download the latest release of LMeve directly from github: https://github.com/roxlukas/lmeve. See this post for instructions on how to install it on your webserver.

Known issues

CCP is not updating the 3D models on their CDN automatically, which means that 3D preview will not work for a good deal of them (or will show old models instead, for example for Tristan or Moa). I have tweeted to @CCP_raRaRa, who is the person behind CCP WebGL, so we have to wait until he runs his model export scripts again.

Does it mean Lukas Rox is back?

If only life was so easy ;-) Nope, I'm still retired from EVE. This is just some necessary maintenance work on apps I've written for you guys!



LMeve Installation Guide


You will need a host with:

  • access to crontab (so most likely to shell as well).
  • MySQL 5 or above
  • PHP 5 or above
  • about 250MB of free disk space (for icons and EVE Static Data Dump)
  • EVE Online corporation API key(or keys)

First, go to https://github.com/roxlukas/lmeve/releases and download the latest stable version.

The trunk code is unstable and shouldn't be used in production.

Setup instructions

There is no installer currently, so there is some setup work to get LMeve to run

1. Initial setup

index.php and the website itself is in ./wwwroot/ directory. If you can set up your webserver root to this directory, please do so.

  • Go to ./config/ directory, copy config-dist.php to config.php and set it up according to your host
  • Set up a random new $LM_SALT value in config.php, then generate admin password hash by using php ./bin/passwd.php
  • copy the password hash to clipboard
  • Download current Types and Icons from EVE Online Toolkit page:http://community.eveonline.com/community/fansites/toolkit/
  • unpack all PNG files from Types to ./wwwroot/ccp_img/
  • unpack all PNG files from Icons to ./wwwroot/ccp_icons/

2. Database setup

  • Import ./data/schema.sql file to MySQL database before using LMeve. Remember to set the db config options in ./config/config.php
  • If in ./data/ there are any delta schemas, import them as well (up to the version you're installing)
  • Import latest static data dump (can be in a different db schema for clarity, for example you can import lmeve db to lmeve schema and static data in sde_rubicon. LMeve will always use SDE schema set in$LM_EVEDB variable in config.php file) You can download latest static data from Steve Ronuken's website:https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/dump/
  • If necessary, change table names to lowercase using script ./data/sde-rename-lowercase.sql
  • Access the database using phpmyadmin or other tool, go to lmusers table
  • Edit record for user admin
  • Paste the password hash from clipboard in the pass field afterwards you will be able to login as admin/admin . Password should be be changed in Settings as soon as possible.
  • Add corp API key (or keys) to cfgapikeys table. keyID goes to keyID, vCode goes to vCode
  • Full corp API key works best, but the app will adjust the amount of visible information according to the rights it has been given.

3. API Poller setup

  • Set up API poller in cron to run every 15 minutes*/15 * * * * [path-to-php]/php [path-to-lmeve]/bin/poller.php

Credits and copyrights

  • LMeve by Lukasz "Lukas Rox" Pozniak
  • LMframework v3 by 2005-2014 Lukasz Pozniak
  • rixxjavix.css skin by Bryan K. "Rixx Javix" Ward


  • TheAhmosis and Razeu - it's their idea that I had the pleasure to wrap in code
  • Crysis McNally - for excellent ideas and thorough testing
  • Aideron Technologies - for excellent closed beta
  • CCP Games - for making such a great game and providing API for us, developer kind, to tinker with

It was one hell of a ride. Thank you!

"Everything that has a beginning, has an end."

When I first started my account in 2005 (and subsequently this blog in 2010) I had no idea I would stick with EVE for so long. Eight and a half years is a lot of time. When I first started playing I was still a student and I had all the time in the world (well, almost all ;-) ). It's completely different now. I've been struggling to find the time for EVE for the past 3 years. And EVE is by far not just the game itself; I think I spent more time metagaming, writing this blog and developing the tools, than actually on playing the game. But in the end it seems Real Life is the best MMO of all, and it will eventually beat every other game, EVE included.

I would like to say THANK YOU

Thank you CCP for making such a great game. Its constant evolution is what accounts to it's longevity. But not only that: offline training and different activities that require different amounts of time allow players to adjust the amount of time they spend with the game. Got time? Play hard. No time? Industry only takes half an hour a day.

Thank you, EVE Community. Being part of a group able to rally up and show up support to a good cause, be it PLEX for good, or even the game itself was an amazing experience. It's been a pleasure knowing you all! I can't possibly say thank you to every single one of you, and I don't want to forget about anyone. Firends and foes alike. It was one hell of a ride with you! THANK YOU!

What happens next?

I will maintain LMeve and LMeve Database as time allows. LMeve code will be published. And of course this blog is staying right where it is. I will meet all the obligations I've made and finish all things that I've started. And no, you can't have my stuff, because it's never been mine in the first place. Everything I own in game is property of CCP anyway ;-) So CCP will (continue to) have my stuff.

I am relieved to retire when my corp is strongest than ever, despite all the wardecs and turmoil that it suffered in the past two months. Aideron Technologies, go ahead and make me proud!

Fly safe! o7

Lukas Rox


A quick technical post regarding ship skins

After yesterday's dev-blog about ship skins, most players again discuss the micropayment issues. Others discuss the technical aspects - instead of introducing 8 ship skins, maybe it should be possible to create your own, unique color sets?

Remember the game Homeworld? Even though it's several years old, it allowed changing the colors of the stripes on all ships in the fleet. Would that be possible to do in EVE Online? Could corporations have their own "stripe colors"?

The answer is YES, technically it's not very difficult*

* - I know for sure it's possible to do in CCP WebGL, but I do not have enough knowledge about EVE Online client code

When me and T'Amber talked about CCP WebGL, I remember we've discussed ship shaders being text files. What does it mean? Each CCP WebGL ship skin is simply an XML plaintext file that says which files contain the 3d model, what textures to load and all the other parameters (hue, specular, effects etc.) are set there as well, all in plain text.

How does that apply to fully customizable ship skins? Some parameters could be dynamically changed at runtime, for example Diffuse Color (hue). You wouldn't be freely able to change the entire textures, or shape of the ship, but you would get the Homeworld-like ability to change the colourable parts of the hull to any shade you want. Like Punkturis' neon pink? Change the hue to pink (#FF00FF) and set saturation to max. Like matte black? Change the saturation to zero and luminosity to low, and you'll get your black.

As an example, below is the color for Gallente ships from Tristan's .red file:

<value json="true">[0.2901961,0.3764706,0.3843137,1.0,]</value>

for those who want to test, here's the same colour as HTML ( 0.2901961 * 255 -> convert result to hex )


What does it give us? Instanced ships items (i.e. unpacked ships) would have to contain a few more numbers, that are then used by the game client to replace the default Diffuse Color a moment before rendering the ship on screen. Would that put a lot of strain on GPU? A little bit, yes, because client would have to keep many more shaders at runtime, but the amount of actual texture files would be exactly the same.

Here I replaced the default Gallente color with this:



And this is the result (requires WebGL compatible browser):

Tristan 'CCP Punkturis' Edition

Now that I'm not a CCP developer, I don't know if EVE Online client works exactly the same way as CCP WebGL. But I bet CCP knows that already ;-)

TL;DR: Hull colors are numbers, saved in plain text. You can easily change them a moment before displaying ship on the screen.


Jove ship models soon to be removed from EVE client

Jovians are the fifth, technologically superior, elusive race of New Eden. For years their ships were in the game, even despite the fact that the race is non-playable. Sometimes one could see them, when CCP Actors were flying Jovian ships during live events. According to these two tweets below, Jovian ships will soon be no more:

Sarmatiko found jovian ships removed
CCP Explorer confirms

Technically it's possible to download ship 3D assets from CCP CDN and preserve them on external server, which means it would always be possible to view them in 3D using CCP WebGL. Unfortunately there is also some legal implications (this is CCP's intelectual property after all, and they would have to explicitly allow copying these ship assets to a third party website). If the answer was 'yes', I would be more than happy to run and maintain such "virtual museum" for EVE ships.

What are we talking about? Of course about these little fellows:

Jove-Eidolon Jove-Phantom Jove-Wraith Jove-Specter Jove-Visitant

Until CCP removes these ships from their CDN, you can still view these ships in 3D in LMeve Database:


What’s new in Rubicon 1.3? Status post! (due to popular demand)


Last friday @Darkblad_eve, maintainer of a german fansite schildwall.info, sent me some resources regarding Rubicon 1.3. I couldn't just ignore it, so here you go: the usual feature compilation for upcoming 1.3 Point Release for Rubicon!

New way of acquiring the Astero, Stratios and Nestor

High demand caused new Sisters of EVE ships to have quite a pricetag. CCP came up with a solution, that will reduce these high prices slightly, boosting Rogue Drones nullsec regions at the same time. Since Rubicon 1.3, Rogue Drones will start dropping nexus chips. It will be possible to turn in said chips at any Sisters of EVE agent for a one-run BPC of either a Nestor, Stratios or Astero. The chips will be called:

  • Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip,
  • Rogue Drone 43-X Nexus Chip
  • Rogue Drone 42-X Nexus Chip

Source:dev forum post

T1 Frigate and Cruiser Balance Pass

Combat Frigates:
The Punisher will now follow the new Amarrian high mass pattern. It will be getting a boost to cap recharge and fitting. Kestrel gets a slight a mobility buff. The Breacher is getting a boost and a nerf at the same time: its missile damage bonus will be changed to Rate of Fire bonus (which means higher dps, but also the need to reload more often). It will also be getting a tad more speed at the cost of agility. The changes to Rifter are however the most significant. Rifter will have its Small Projectile Turret tracking bonus changed to a 10% falloff bonus. Judging by the replies under original post, this change was welcomed by the community.

Support Frigates:
First, the whole class is getting more base cap (but with lower cap recharge) and more speed (with lower agility). CCP's idea is to reward actual piloting skills. Lowered agility will for sure require more attention when flying support frigs. The Inquisitor is also getting additional mass.

The Augoror, Maller and Omen are getting their mass increased substanially. Vexor gets a tiny nerf to agility and speed, but gets its mass reduced to comepnsate. Moa will get a bit more shields at the cost of hull, slightly more cap with better recharge and substantially reduced mass. Osprey gets a bit more speed and less mass at the cost of agility. And Caracal? Caracal will loose just a tiny bit of agility.

Source: dev forum post

Mobile Tractor Unit Meta Types

'Packrat' Mobile Tractor Unit - best durability
+200% higher sensor strength than the base MTU (affects difficulty of probing)
+25% higher tractor beam velocity than the base MTU
+50% Armor and Shield HP, +33% Hull HP compared to the base MTU

'Magpie' Mobile Tractor Unit - best range and tractor speed
+500% higher sensor strength than the base MTU (affects difficulty of probing)
+50% higher tractor beam velocity than the base MTU
+40% higher max tractor beam range than the base MTU

Source: dev forum post

Corporation Member Cap Increase

In Rubicon 1.3 the effect of all four of the Corporation Management skills that affect corp membership limits will be doubled:

Corporation Management will provide +20 members per level.
Megacorp Management will provide +100 members per level.
Empire Control will provide +400 members per level.
Sovereignty will provide +2000 members per level.

Source: dev forum post

Remote Sensor Dampeners and the Celestis

The base optimal range of all damps will be reduced by 16.66% and the damp range bonus on the Celestis will be reduced to 7.5% per level.

NameOld OptimalNew Optimal
Remote Sensor Dampener I3000025000
Remote Sensor Dampener II3600030000
Low Frequency Sensor Suppressor I3450028750
Indirect Scanning Dampening Unit I3300027500
Kapteyn Sensor Array Inhibitor I3150026250
Phased Muon Sensor Disruptor I3600030000
'Broker' Remote Sensor Dampener I3600030000
'Executive' Remote Sensor Dampener I3600030000
Shadow Serpentis Remote Sensor Dampener3600030000

Source: dev forum post

Hull Repair Drones

hull-rep-dronesHull repair modules are the only logistic modules that didn't have drone counterpart. Since Rubicon 1.3 there will be Hull Repair Drones in Light, Medium and Heavy sizes, and Tech I and Tech II flavours. Their skill requirements will be very similar to Armor Repair Drones, but will be using Remote Hull Repair Systems skill instead of the Remote Armor Repair Systems skill. Other skills required will match other logistic drones. Both Repair Drone Operation skill and Drone Repair Augmentor rigs effect will now be applied to Hull Maintenance Bots just like they do for Armor and Shield drones currently.

  • Light Hull Maintenance Bot I - 6HP restored over 5s
  • Light Hull Maintenance Bot II - 7HP restored over 5s
  • Medium Hull Maintenance Bot I - 12HP restored over 5s
  • Medium Hull Maintenance Bot II - 16HP restored over 5s
  • Heavy Hull Maintenance Bot I - 30HP restored over 5s
  • Heavy Hull Maintenance Bot II - 36HP restored over 5s

Source: dev forum post

New limited edition ships

These have not been officially confirmed by the CCP, neither they are visible on market on Singularity. They have been found in static data dumped from the current Singularity client.

2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014.

Yup, those two guristas ships look like this year's Alliance Tournament prizes.

On 6 of March CCP Xhagen unveiled the secret of the above ships. According to dev-blog, These are ship skins. They have exactly the same stats as normal ship variants, and will come as BPCs. Some will cost LP, some will be sold for AUR. The microtransaction prices should be moderate, at 45 AUR per 1 run frigate BPC and 350 AUR for Battleship. Of course all ships and blueprints can be sold on market for ISK. While many players question AUR payments in itself, these skins seem to be exactly the same as 100 AUR pants. Don't like them? Ignore them. Like em? Fly skinned ships. By the way, Police Pursuit Comet blueprint will cost 3,000 CONCORD LP and 3,000,000 ISK and will be available in any station with a CONCORD LP store. I can't wait to fly the Woop Woop Comet!

By the way, if you inspected the link from @Darkblad_eve that I've mentioned in the first paragraph, you've probably noticed some new clothing coming to game, too. I like the New Eden Open shirts best:

2014. 2014.

Source: Singularity, Dev-blog

TriLambda Features

  • All ore and ice asteroids have received their Shader Model 3 treatment. EVE has just become prettier.
  • V3 doesn't end there, because Territorial Claim Units have been redon as well. They will correctly display alliance logos, and have fancy activation animations.
  • Remember the Tristan redesign mentioned on last fanfest? Well, Fat Man does look like a fat man now.
  • Linear Lighting, which is supposed to get more details out of ship textures (but for the moment causes them to look a tad darker than usual).

2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014.

Source: dev forum post, Singularity

Drone Assist change

As per CCP Rise's forum post, post Rubicon 1.3 it will only be possible to assist a maximum of 50 drones to one pilot.

Source: dev forum post

Little things by Karkur, Punkturis and Merc

  • Guest Lists:
    • can be viewed in compact mode
    • has a counter to show you how many pilots are in the station
    • can be searched in a similar way to search in hangars
  • You can now assign a label when you add a contact
  • It's now possible to open more than one Kill Report at a time.
  • Orbital bodies in the Show Info window will now have a more functional right click menu
  • The Directional Scanner has now 2 input fields (km and AU) and a slider for range input. The 3 inputs are connected so when one is changed, the other ones update.
  • The angle slider in the D-scanner as been changed so it's non-linear and has even steps to make it easier to select the lower angles
  • In chat windows:
    • you can specify words to be filtered out
    • you can specify words to be highlighted
    • highlighted words can always blink the chat tab, even if the channel is set "Blink Off"
  • Right click on booster will now show "Consume" as the topmost option
  • The "Fitting" tab in the Show Info window has been given a bit of a facelift
  • The capacity of the bays of your current ship is now displayed in a bar in the Show Info window (just like resists)

Source: dev forum post


What happens when Data Analyst and a Coder team up? [UPDATE]

If you want to know what happens when Lockefox (@HLIBIndustry) and I team up, see these two links:

by-group by-type

What's that?

This is animated kill stats for 2013. Each blink is a ship of given type (or group) being destroyed!

You probably wonder if you can watch the battle of Asakai here? Well, not really. Let's say 1,167,452 capsules got killed in 2013. That means, on average, every 27 seconds one was popped. The Capsule image on the webpage will therefore blink every 27 seconds (since I speed up time by 20x, it will blink every 1,5 seconds instead). In short, it's showing the average frequency, not the actual kills. It doesn't mean it's impossible to playback live data on this "ship grid" - it's only matter of getting hold of the actual kill data as it happened. It should be even easier for a single battle - B-R - I'm looking at you!

How did we do this?

Lockefox had a database with kill data for the whole 2013 (downloaded from zKillboard.com), but we didn't have an idea how to show it. Our inspiration came from XKCD Frequency - an animated gif, which shows how often some things happen in real world. Making it an animated gif however would be rather time consuming, so instead I've chosen javascript. First, javascript does a lot of things automatically. If I want to change something, for example update the data or make a 2014 version, I only have to update the CSV data with kill information. Scripts will do the rest. Later in the development I realized that for ship types I can actually use their icons instead of text, which should look better. So I came up with an idea of ship type grid, with icons blinking every time something is destroyed.

I have some more ideas how to present this information, so stay tuned. More pretty graphs and visualisations is coming soon!


After we've published the 2013 kill stats yesterday, people kept asking if it was real time data. But it wasn't.

So today I got the B-R5RB killmail database from Lockefox and used the ship grid from yesterday to make... an actual EVE Online Battle Player!


Since the event was played at 10% TiDi, if you set the time compression to 10x (yes, I've added a slider for that!), you will get real time as it would have happened without TiDi. Of course the entire battle took over 24 hours, so it's best viewed at 100x ;-) Enjoy!