Solaris 10: changing the IP address

You need to edit two files to change the static IP address on Solaris 10. Note that one of the files can be a link to the other, so it’s enough to edit one of them.

  1. /etc/inet/ipnodes
  2. /etc/hosts

To change the default gateway you must also edit the following file:

  • /etc/defaultrouter

To change the hostname, three files must be edited:

  1. /etc/hosts
  2. /etc/nodename
  3. /etc/hostname.[interface]

[interface] is the NIC driver name and the instance number of the network interface, for example hme0, bge0, ce0, qfe0

To change the DNS one must edit

  • /etc/resolv.conf – just like on most other *NIX systems

If you’re configuring a static address instead of DHCP, don’t forget to disable DHCP client!

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