I rarely play games other than EVE Online on the PC, but I do play other games on mobile devices. WoT:Blitz is one of them

One of my favourite light tanks in World of Tanks: Blitz is the british Covenanter.


It’s a Tier IV tank, slightly slower than other tier IV lights, but it is well armored compared to the others. 40mm on the fron of hull and 39mm on the turret makes it difficult to penetrate for most lower tier tanks. But the power of this tank is not it’s armor: it’s the Mk. VI Bofors gun with an autoloader.

Individual AP rounds deal 45 damage, which might not seem a lot at Tier IV, but when you add the ability to spam 4 rounds i nquick succession, it scales up to 180 potential damage between reloads. And believe me, that’s enough to ambush and quickly finish almost any enemy of the same or lower tier. Both high speed and high burst damage make this tank a perfect ambusher.

How to fit it?

I play with the standard set of consumables: Auto Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, Repair Kit. Alternative is Multi Purpose Restoration Pack and Pudding and Tea, but I this tank is my credit earner, so instead of maximizing performance, I choose to maximize profits.

Ammunition is important on this tank. While for the most time I use AP rounds (47-79mm pennetration and avg. 45 dmg), for things like Matilda, D.W.2 or Hetzer (when I can’t simply go around and flank it) I carry 10 pieces of APCR. While they cost 1200 credits apiece, they earned me a lot of “Cheater!” “Hacker!” comments from Matilda drivers. I rarely use HE rounds on this tank, but they can potentially be useful if you can’t otherwise peneterate, so I keep 15 of those as well (but I could simply replace them with regular AP ammo).


Equipment list starts with Improved Ventillation Class 1 mod, which gives +5% to all crew skills. Enhanced Gun Laying Drive goes next, because it reduces aiming time by 10% and helps against the recoil of the Bofors gun, which has less accuracy with each consecutive shot (and you want all four rounds hit the target, this is what makes this tank so powerful). The last mod is a free choice, I went with a Spall Liner to reduce the damage from ramming.

How does it play?

With it’s burst damage it’s best driven as a second line ambusher. Let your team mates land a hit or two on an enemy, then zoom around at high speed and land your four hits on the weakened opponent. Almost every raid like this ends with a kill, so it seems to work rather well.

While it’s relatively high speed makes it easier to zoom around the battlefield, going into open is not really good idea, unless you’re driving fast past a tank with slow turret traverse or TD with a slow transversal. Hiding until you can ride and land a kill is preferable.

All in all, driving the Covenanter feels like flying an Assault Frigate in EVE Online: you have to pay attention to driving (flying) itself, instead of just spamming “Fire” or “F1”.

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