WoT Blitz 8.4 news

WoT Blitz 8.4 news
New event From October 22 till November 1, explore the Titan lab and take control of the secret prototypes—medium Tier V Titan Mk and heavy Tier VII Titan H-N. To explore the lab and go through the event, you’ll need the Activator. There will be victories Activator and mastery badges one, for confident tankers. Want to discover even more mysteries? Super Activator is your choice! WARGAMING will share more the details before the event starts.
Alternative Game modes marathon This October, tankers will be having fun in Mad Games, Uprising and Burning Games. One of the game modes will run twice. Players will be able to vote for their favorite mode and WARGAMING will run it TWICE 🙂
Polish HTs
New PBR textures
  • T57
  • Emil 1951
  • M2 Light
WARGAMING keeps improving the economy of the game. Currently, the amount of battles required to accumulate credits for purchasing a certain tier tank can vary for different tech trees. In order to make the research speed more consistent and predictable, in update 8.4 the devs will equalize credit ratio for tier I-VI researchable tanks. It means some of researchable tanks will farm more or less credits than before. Therefore, overall vehicles’ profitability for each tier will become more uniform. These changes won’t affect premium tanks.

New consumables Polish heavies comprise all the characteristic traits of their type: good armor, high damage per shot, moderate speed. They are pretty straightforward and suitable for everyone. WG decided to diversify that basic gameplay for each of these Polish tanks, so let’s meet and greet the brand new consumables and provisions:
Crew mastery provisions, Tier VI–X: the unique Polish meals will be available for each HT: Żurek with +10% and Faworki with +3%.
Consumables, Tier VII–X: Tungsten Shells will improve the damage variation from regular 75%-125% range to 105-125% for 20 seconds. The cooldown time is 90 sec (without any equipment or boosters applied).
Provisions, Tier VII–X: Improved Gunpowder will increase the shell velocity up to 35% during the battle.
Provisions, Tier VII–X: Gear Oil and Improved Gear Oil will enhance the engine power (+3% and +6% respectively) and increase the max forward/backward speed (+2 km/h and +4 km/h respectively).
The collector 50TP prototyp from the clan challenge will also receive these new consumables and provisions in Update 8.4.
New Legendary camos
Three tanks will be getting new Legendary camos:
  • Corsica for the AMX 30 B
  • Piranha for the T95E6
  • Unity for the M4 Sherman
Blitz Cup event As usual, November becomes and esports month. The clash for $200k will be held all over the world just like last year. Everyone can dive into the main tournament of 2021! Collect your rewards from esports-themed operation during the month. And complete the event with Tier VIII premium vehicle to choose as a main reward—Caernarvon Action X, Centurion Mk. 5/1 or Progetto 46. Win the battles, watch Blitz Cup streams with us and you’ll be happy during this esports November.