Incursion NPCs and strategies

General Strategies

  • For Scout sites all you need is a well tanked ship able to track and hit small targets. These are doable solo.
  • All asteroid belts in Incursion constellation are basically converted to Nation Industrial Proxy sites
  • Have at least 3 logistics in any fleet (or 20-30%)
  • Logistics should be cap linked – this allows using the most efficient Logi fittings
  • Prefer high resists over lots of EHP. Generally 80% allround resist and 8k HP should be enough
  • Its probably better to bring HACs instead of Battleships – Sanshas will use your sig radius against you
  • Armor tank is a bit better than shield, because Shield Extenders increase signature radius whereas Armor Plates don’t
  • Tama Cerebellum are similar to Cloaked Bombers – they fire Banshee torpedoes and prefer targeting Battlships. Kill them quickly.
  • Vylade Dien should always die first: its a command ship with Siege Warfare links (gives shield bonus to other Sansha NPCs)
  • Intaki Colliculus and Mara Paleo are secondary – these are basically shield logistics, which are remote repping other Sanshas
  • Arnon EpithalamusNiarja Myelen amd Orkashu Myelen should die next – as they will ECM
  • All Sansha officers neut and scramble
  • Some new NPCs are >100km snipers

Guide to do Vanguard sites:

Primary these rats:
Nation commander (high DPS frigate – up to 1k DPS)
Niarja Myelen (Neut & ECM, might break logistic chains)
Tama cerebellums (stealth bombers, very high DPS to bigger ships)

Nation Mining colony sites:
There is a scrambling frig in the initial spawn – take it out ASAP

Override transfer array sites:
Make sure to have a fast hacking frigate – AF preferred.

NPC Information

While digging through the database dump of the new Incursion patch I have found the NPCs below:


Citizen Astur
Slave 32152
Slave Tama01
Slave Heavenbound02
Slave Endoma01

Specialized Sansha NPCs

Renyn Meten
Antem Neo
Vylade Dien – gang link cruiser, gives other NPCs a shield bonus
Uitra Telen
Arnon Epithalamus
Outuni Mesen
Intaki Colliculus – logistic
Romi Thalamus
Schmaeel Medulla
Niarja Myelen
Mara Paleo – logistic, orbits at 60 km
Ostingele Tectum
Deltole Tegmentum – huge self tank, you need serious DPS to kill this
Yulai Crus Cerebi
Auga Hypophysis
Tama Cerebellum – a Bomber class frigate, it fires Banshee Torpedoes
Lirsautton Parichaya
Eystur Rhomben
Reinforced Nation Outpost
Orkashu Pontine
Sansha’s Nation Commander
Gang booster test NPC
Jel Rhomben
Youl Meten
Orkashu Myelen
Raa Thalamus
Sansha Shipyard Foreman
Naberius Marquis
Gamat Hakoot

The Kundalini Manifest – Revenant class supercarrier. Deploys fighter-bombers.

There is now a list available on the Evelopedia page, which contains all the forementioned NPCs. You can access the Sanshadex list here.

Black ops??
Sansha Black Ops Squad Leader
Centus Black Ops Commander


Shield Transfer Control Tower
Reinforced Nation Outpost
Central Control Nexus

Player-controllable Ships

Shadow Bomber
Compact Shade Torpedo Bomber Torpedo

Other items

PDW-09FX Data Shell
Rahsa’s Security Card
Captured Civilians
Address #298 Audio Fragment

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