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Captains Quarters test on Duality

Incarna is slowly taking shape.

First Incarna tests: April 20-25th on Duality test server

CCP has released information about Captains Quarters test on the Duality server, which is beginning this afternoon (an update to original dev-blog mentions start on April 20th at 12:30 UTC; tests will end on April 25th). Players who log on to the Duality test server during this period will have the possibility to firsthand experience Minmatar Captains Quarters. Other races are said to follow, but will not be available in this first test.

Along with the new in-station environment players will have the ability to check how the tutorials and new player experience has been changed. To participate in this test, it is necessary to create a new Amarr character who is a member of the Royal Amarr Institute school (it can be selected on the last page of character customization)

As mentioned earlier, Incarna is not going to be just an eye-candy; it will be an immersive 3D interface for EVE Online. In the test build players will be able to access this new in-character interface to:

  • Planetary Interaction
  • Corporation management/recruitment
  • Character re-customization
  • Ship fitting

Devs also remind that this is a work in progress rather than a final product, so players still have influence at this point, and are encouraged to send feedback. Two chat channels will be created for the test:

  • "CQ Info" will be moderated and for instructions and information from CCP only.
  • "CQ Testing" will be for discussion, questions, comments, etc.

All bugs should be reported according to this evelopedia article about bug reporting.

First Incarna screenshots:

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