Emergency CSM over.

Emergency CSM over.

CCP has published an official statement after the emergency CSM summit held in Reykjavik last week, you can read both CCPs and CSMs statements in this dev-blog.

Information most important to the EVE players, both these who left the game, and those who stayed is:

“It is CCP‘s plan that the Noble Exchange (NeX store) will be used for the sale of vanity items only.”

For some players such an information is still not enough to regain trust in CCP. One can claim, that even though Zulu said that the Noble Exchange will be for vanity items only, MT ships and ammo can still be introduced at a later date under a different name, lets say a “Noble Armory”. I will say: put such conspiracy theories aside and give Devs a chance. They surely did a mistake of not communicaiting things properly, but the fact that CCP is developing two other games does not mean that they have abandoned EVE Online, and only want to “milk the cow” now. If this was the case, there would be no Incarna at all.

For me personally these two statements are enough to trust CCP again, but I will watch the progress closely. I have been playing long enough to know, that the recent backlash neither is the first time, nor will be the last, when there was a miscomunication between the Devs and the playerbase. I just hope there will be no more such intense situations like this recent one. EVE can be broken by many things. If enough players leave the game, economy can break down and the game will be broken even more, than by the Devs themselves. We, the EVE players, are also responsible for making EVE such a great game it is: CCP might provide the spaceships, but we are the pilots who fly them and who make New Eden so beautifully alive. I have played many games, and there is no other game world so dynamic as this one.

In closing I would like to thank the CSM board very much for their commitment, and if Mittens is going to run for another term, I already know who to vote for in the CSM#7. You, sir, are simply the best.