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EVE industry Profit Chart report for December 2018

Hi industrial minded capsuleers o7

EVE Profit Chart report for December 2018

Orca still remains the most profitable ship to build in EVE, but the next items have rotated a lot. Second place now belongs to Wolf, which takes 36 million ISK to build, and sells for 44,99 million ISK. Market capacity is 822, so there is plenty room for profit there. Bowhead dropped from 2nd to 7th. Medium Proton Smartbomb II went up from 4th to 3rd place.

Someone is trolling the market with Target Painter II - at the time of generating the Profit Chart, it was selling for 997 million ISK (should be 997 thousand) with only 7 items in the market.

Worth noticing is also the Leshak, which had its material price substantially reduced over the past month. The price of the ship went down a bit less, which means there is a bit more room for profit. Build price is 435 million ISK, and the ship sells for 469 million.


Profit Chart is a module within LMeve application, which compares costs of running the complete production process (invention, subparts, manufacturing) and the lowest sell price.

But what about ME you say? What about Decryptors for Invention?

  • For Tech I items and ships ME 10 is assumed.
  • For Tech II modules no decryptors are used, so ME is 2.
  • For Tech II ships Symmetry Decryptor is used, so ME is 4, and run number on the BPC is 3.
  • For Capital Parts ME 10 is used.
  • For Capital Ships ME 4 is used.

Fly safe o7

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