EVE Online app you can send mails from

UPDATE: This post is very old and no longer accurate

CREST API released by CCP Games in 2016 allows sending and receiving evemails in third party apps.

At some point in the past I took some time to test all EVE Online apps available for iOS and Android. Since the publication of that post, many players have asked me about an app that allows SENDING evemails, and not just reading them. I have bad news for you: due to the limitations of the current EVE API, such app does not exist. But I also have some good news for you. It does not exist yet.

With Retribution, CCP is planning to release a new API (called CREST), which will certainly allow you to manage Contats and is very likely to allow sending EVE mails, too.

For the third party developers, the most valuable resource is the current documentation preview, which has already been made available.

Technical details

First big change is Authentication and Authorization mechanism, which the current API is missing (currently you need to authenticate every time by including apikey and vcode in every HTTP request you make). The new CREST API will let your app to log on once, using login.eveonline.com. This login server will grant an OAuth2 token, which will be used instead of api keys or other credentials. Moreover, CCP is adding some POST request besides the already existing GET requests. Data presentation layer will also be changed to utilize JSON, which I think is easier to use on web apps (for example in PHP or JavaScript), and should not give much trouble for other technologies (like iOS and Android). It is still up to CCP to decide which parts of the new API will offer “write” access, like sending EVE Mails or managing contacts.

One more thing

CREST is an acronym of Carbon REST. The Carbon technology is the new CCP framework that has been in use since Incarna, and REST means it’s a RESTful protocol (wiki). It will be released in Retribution expansion, so one might say it is a “Crest of Retribution“. Now this is what I found when googling it: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/13375. Coincidence? 😀

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      Dear Pvper,

      Thank you very much for your interest in my blog. Your valued opinion has been noted, and no, I’m not going to delete your comment. Instead, I will let other readers to judge if what you say is true.

      The post you mentioned is about CREST API. In case you did not notice, this title is meant to catch attention, and based on your comment I can tell it did its job pretty well. The other post is indeed based on multiple sources, but this is its purpose; to have all information in ONE place instead of ten forum posts.

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      Best regards,

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    “quote” Since the publication of that post, many players have asked me about an app that allows SENDING evemails, and not just reading them. I have some bad news for you: due to the limitations of current EVE API, such app does not exist. But I have also good news for you. It does not exist yet.”

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