Galaxy on Fire 2 THD released in TegraZone

Galaxy on Fire 2, a famous game developed by FISHLABS has been updated for the nVidia Tegra 2 chip, which is powering some of the most desired Android tablets, such as Motorola XOOM. Xoom owners can now enjoy GoF 2 with updated graphical assets (shaders and high quality textures for example).

If you are a lucky Tegra 2 based device owner, you can download the game here:

Tegra HD screenshot12 Tegra HD screenshot11 Tegra HD screenshot10

EDIT: iPad 2 will not be abandoned by FISHLABS either; Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD is already available for Mac and is coming soon to iPad 2, according to and developer forums. A Windows version is also on the roadmap. Screens from the Mac version look quite tasty 😉