LMeve Installation Guide


You will need a host with:

  • access to crontab (so most likely to shell as well).
  • MySQL 5 or above
  • PHP 5 or above
  • about 250MB of free disk space (for icons and EVE Static Data Dump)
  • EVE Online corporation API key(or keys)

First, go to https://github.com/roxlukas/lmeve/releases and download the latest stable version.

The trunk code is unstable and shouldn’t be used in production.

Warning! The guide below is deprecated, see readme.md on LMeve GitHub page for the most recent one!

Setup instructions

There is no installer currently, so there is some setup work to get LMeve to run

1. Initial setup

index.php and the website itself is in ./wwwroot/ directory. If you can set up your webserver root to this directory, please do so.

  • Go to ./config/ directory, copy config-dist.php to config.php and set it up according to your host
  • Set up a random new $LM_SALT value in config.php, then generate admin password hash by using php ./bin/passwd.php
  • copy the password hash to clipboard
  • Download current Types and Icons from EVE Online Toolkit page:http://community.eveonline.com/community/fansites/toolkit/
  • unpack all PNG files from Types to ./wwwroot/ccp_img/
  • unpack all PNG files from Icons to ./wwwroot/ccp_icons/

2. Database setup

  • Import ./data/schema.sql file to MySQL database before using LMeve. Remember to set the db config options in ./config/config.php
  • If in ./data/ there are any delta schemas, import them as well (up to the version you’re installing)
  • Import latest static data dump (can be in a different db schema for clarity, for example you can import lmeve db to lmeve schema and static data in sde_rubicon. LMeve will always use SDE schema set in$LM_EVEDB variable in config.php file) You can download latest static data from Steve Ronuken’s website:https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/dump/
  • If necessary, change table names to lowercase using script ./data/sde-rename-lowercase.sql
  • Access the database using phpmyadmin or other tool, go to lmusers table
  • Edit record for user admin
  • Paste the password hash from clipboard in the pass field afterwards you will be able to login as admin/admin . Password should be be changed in Settings as soon as possible.
  • Add corp API key (or keys) to cfgapikeys table. keyID goes to keyID, vCode goes to vCode
  • Full corp API key works best, but the app will adjust the amount of visible information according to the rights it has been given.

3. API Poller setup

  • Set up API poller in cron to run every 15 minutes*/15 * * * * [path-to-php]/php [path-to-lmeve]/bin/poller.php

Credits and copyrights

  • LMeve by Lukasz “Lukas Rox” Pozniak
  • LMframework v3 by 2005-2014 Lukasz Pozniak
  • rixxjavix.css skin by Bryan K. “Rixx Javix” Ward


  • TheAhmosis and Razeu – it’s their idea that I had the pleasure to wrap in code
  • Crysis McNally – for excellent ideas and thorough testing
  • Aideron Technologies – for excellent closed beta
  • CCP Games – for making such a great game and providing API for us, developer kind, to tinker with