Mobile apps for EVE Online on iOS and Android


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This post is a synergy of my interests. If you are a returning visitor, you have most likely noticed that I write not only about EVE Online, but also about all things mobile: tablet PCs, mobile operating systems and so on.

Smartphones have changed the mobile phone market forever: almost half of all the mobile phones nowadays are smartphones. With CCP giving the community an API to access the in-game information, it was just a matter of time until first EVE related third-party apps have arrived.

Most of the Apps available for the two biggest smartphone platforms, namely Android and iOS, can be divided into three large groups:

  • character tracker
  • market tracker
  • industry helper

Majority of these third-party apps are free, but some of them use ads and donations to cover developer’s costs.

Unfortunately I neither own a Windows Phone 7 device, nor have a working emulator of it, so this review will not cover WP7 apps. Sorry!

It is also worth mentioning, that CCP has plans to deliver their own mobile applications for DUST 514 and EVE in the near future. Developers did not reveal any specifics besides Neocom app for DUST 514, which will run on PS Vita and will deliver almost full interaction with the game, except for the core FPS gameplay. Neocom for PS Vita is said to allow managing fittings, accessing market and so on.

Read more about CCP plans for mobile devices:

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App Store (iOS platform)

Neocom (formerly EVE Universe)

Developer: Artem Shimanski (in game: Artem Valiant) Price: free


View your EVE Online characters and skills, browse EVE Online items database, analyze market information, test ship fits on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch.


Neocom (formerly EVE Universe) is one of the most complete EVE Online toolboxes for iOS. The app offers both iPhone and iPad layouts, and it’s probably the best one for iPad at this time.

It is obvious that the developer has spent a lot of time polishing the app, because feature list is impressive. Neocom allows viewing nearly all the information accessible from EVE API:

  • Skills
  • Skill planner
  • Character
  • Assets (+ corporation)
  • EVE Mail
  • Certificates
  • Item database
  • NPC database
  • Fittings manager (for ships and POS)
  • Market (data from
  • Market Orders (+ corporation)
  • Contracts (+ corporation)
  • Wallet Transactions (+ corporation)
  • Wallet Journal (+ corporation)
  • Industry Jobs (+ corporation)
  • News (RSS)

Syncing is very fast, mainly because just the necessary information is downloaded from the server each time. When you navigate the menu, all the missing information is downloaded on the fly. Local notifications make sure you never forget to add more skills to the Training Queue.

Neocom is donationware: the app is showing a small ad at the bottom, but there is a possibility to get rid of it with a 0,79 EUR donation.

Two small thing I dislike about this app is the new icon and the background under the UI (it’s the Incursion wallpaper from the Fansite Kit). Said background image contains too many details and instead of filling the background, it adds some unnecessary clutter. A cloud from Apocrypha or a simple gradient background would make it much easier on the eyes Version 3.* is very well designed and all the features are easily accessible.

To add an API key just copy and paste KeyId and vCode if you already have them. You can click the “Safari” button to open “” where API Keys can be copied from. The last option is “PC”, which basically starts a small web server on your phone. Once you navigate to the address pointed by the application, you will be able to enter API keys in your PC browser, which is usually much easier than doing it on the phone.




Developer: Benjamin Scott Price: free


View your EVE-Online characters and skills on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Currently features display of trained skills, attributes, implants, plus a currently training skill countdown. For corporations, there is member tracking functionality. Also features an item, asset, wallet and industry job browser, along with an interactive map of the EVE universe.


This app is one of my favourites. Despite the fact that syncing takes about a minute or two on WiFi, but once it loads, it shows most functions of the EVE API:

  • character browser
  • skill tracker
  • asset tracker (+ corporation)
  • 3D map & jump planner
  • industry jobs (+ corporation)
  • wallet journal (+ corporation)

The map is quite advanced, offering a 3D view of the New Eden cluster and with several layers of statistics (for example sovereignity). Map also features Jump Planner, which works quite well. This feature is really impressive; so far its the only App that offers a 3D map.

Entering the API key is quite simple. You can either copy-paste the keyID and vCode from the web browser, or just add the keyID,vCode pairs to Notes field in one of the contacts on the phone. This contact should have its Company field set to “iClone”.

iClone’s GUI is nearly perfect: readibility is high while controls remain intuitive. Unfortunately, iClone does not have an iPad layout, and it seems that the developer is no longer supporting it (last static data package dates back to Incursion).

Both iClone and iClone Lite are available for free.


iClone Lite

Developer: Benjamin Scott Price: free


View your EVE-Online characters and skills on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Currently features display of trained skills, attributes, implants, and, on iOS 4, notification of skill queue completion. Also features a capital jump planner, along with an interactive map of the EVE universe.

Want to see your assets, wallet, industry jobs and more? Check out the full version of iClone, also free!


This is a limited version of the iClone, which offers much shorter update times, compared to the full version. The  features list is, however, also much shorter:

  • character browser
  • skill tracker
  • 3D map & jump planner

Pod Mail

Developer: Michael Gillies Price: free


Pod Mail is a straight forward Eve Online utility app that allows you to read your eve mail on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Current Features
– Uses the new customisable api keys to retrieve your messages directly from CCP (key must have mailmessages and mailbodies access)

– Read messages from you Inbox, Corp Mail,Sent Mail and Alliance Mail

– Supports multiple accounts

– Load all your accounts at once from a single text file.
Simply place you api keyid and vcode into a plain text file like so keyID:vCode and save the file as .epod
Now when you open this file on your phone your api info will get added automatically!


This app is just a plain EVE Mail client, so it won’t track character skills 😉 The interface is well designed and allows smooth navigation. Once character has been chosen, it is possible to read Inbox, Corp, Alliance and Sent mailboxes. One feature I’ve been missing is “mark all as read”. Unfortunately I also found a small bug: if there is any formatting in the EVE Mail, this app will show it with very large font.

To add an API key one needs to copy and paste KeyID and vCode. App offers no alternative ways to enter the API key.



Developer: Luc Regnault Price: free


FlySafe is an easy app with gorgeous graphics that gives access to any character’s data of the famous EVE Online game.
Without an EVE Online acount you can access the full list of skills, a major part of RSS news from EVE Online, a ship gallery and comparator, and the activity status of the different game network interfaces.
With an EVE acount you can access all the trained skills of your pilots, your wealth, your clone data, and much more.

A ship gallery is available with all the ships of the EVE galaxy, under market or not, inside a gorgeous browser with full screen pictures (512×512) and a real time ship comparator.
Inside EVE Status, the new Solar System activity is a very useful and unique feature. It allows you to know the ship kills, pod kills, and jumps number for any selected solar system among more than 7000 all with level security status. It gives you also the “Top Ten” for kills and jumps of all the galaxy. With this new feature you have the good tool to fly safe everywhere, or find a good fight near you.
You have also access to Corp/Alliance/CCP Calendar through Pilot’s corporation info.

FlySafe supports high resolution avatar pictures, in a full screen presentation, so you can see them with their full details 512×512 with a wifi connection. With Edge and 3G the resolution is limited to 128×128 for speed purpose. The app contains animations with carefully chosen random EVE Online screen backgrounds.

FlySafe application works smoothly and very well even if the network is slow. All datas are refreshed automatically with an adapted rate depending of the API server. Tested on iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and iPad1/2/3. Compatible with iOS 3 and more (Tested on 312, 433, 501 and 510). Enjoy.


The amount of features might not be impressive, but one of them is what makes FlySafe different from every other EVE Companion App on the market: Ship Gallery. It allows you to view any ship in the game, even those which are not playable!

The complete feature list is as follows:

  • Pilots – character training tracker. Tapping on the SP amount will open a list of currently trained skills. Tapping on the corp name opens the calendar.
  • News of EVE – RSS reader from the official EVE Online website
  • EVE Status – uses the same API as the dotlan maps to show system statistics
  • EVE Status – shows the current server status based on Chribba’s
  • All skills – view the complete skill tree
  • Ship Gallery – 512×512 ship gallery (includes ships that are not playable)

Entering API Information is based on copying and pasting the keys. This App also supports legacy API keys.


Developer: Will Stones Price: free


Character and skill tracking for EVE Online.

Dusk allows you to keep up to date with your EVE characters while away from the game. It combines retina graphics with slick easy to use features.

Whilst using Dusk you will never find yourself waiting for information to download without you requesting it. The stats about your character are there when you want them and will only update when you want them too.

If you enjoy Dusk then please find the time to write a review or even better donate towards its development – if you do donate the adverts will automatically be removed.

Dusk is compatible with iOS 3.0 and above.


The UI of Dusk is of excellent design. Rounded corners and simple background makes it easy on the eyes, while delivering all the important information. Navigation is intuitive and it follows the Apple design guidelines.

Feature list:

  • Character tracker
  • Skill queue
  • Currently trained skill list
  • Pilot attributes and implants
  • Skill planner
  • EVE Mail client

To enter the API keys you can either copy an entire table row with API details directly from the website, or copy the key and vCode separately as for any other app.

Dusk is displaying ads, which can be turned off with a small 0,79 EUR donation.

EVE Trader

Developer: Joern Stein (in game: Reana) Price: free


This is a companion app for the computer game EVE Online. In order to get
any use out of this app, you need a paid EVE Online account. Check it out at *

Trading in the world of EVE Online is easy. Buy low. Sell high. Make lots of ISK.

EVE Trader helps you do exactly that by providing you with exact details on what
you bought where, when and at which price:

* Item Statistics:
Low, average and high buys and sell prices for any item you traded

* Details on every single transaction

* Precise reports
per day, week, month or year showing buy and sell volumes and profits made

* Order list of open buy and sell orders

* Shopping basket
to keep track of any items you need to buy

EVE Trader is free, but a donation of EVE Online currency ISK to my character “Reana” in the game is always greatly appreciated.


This App is different from the other EVE Companions, because it does not focus on skill tracking. Instead, it allows player to track in game sales. The GUI is very simplistic, but it gets the job done. You can track your outstanding market orders and fonished transactions. The App is also capable of calculating statistics based on your market history for each item you have traded. The reports can be generated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Shopping cart is a helper that allows to keep track of items that you need to buy.

Entering API Key works similar to iClone: either copy and paste the details from an external source (EVE web page or email), or import from Contacts – just add a Note field to any contact and put KeyId and vCode separated with a “,”.


Developer: Anders Vennström Price: free


Leaky Capsule is THE companion app for EVE Online. It currently provides:

* Skill tracking for your characters
* A skill browser
* A news reader for EVE related news and blogs (CCP feeds and the EVE Blog Pack).

This is just the start. I plan to update Leaky Capsule with new features if there is demand for it and whenever spare time permits.

Please visit

for more information on Leaky Capsule, support, feedback, ideas and suggestions.


Unfortunately I kept getting error messages about LeakyCapsule being unable to connect to the API server, even though every other App was working just fine. If I find the root cause of this behavior, I will update the review.

Eve ID

Developer: Rick Heusdens Price: free


An application that allows any user to dynamically retrieve relevant data about EvE Online players. It’s mostly suited for PvP. Know thy enemy.


Eve ID is a very simple app which looks up pilots in the Battleclinic’s killboard database. Based on the amount of recent kills, it says out loud if the threat posed by the target pilot is low, moderate or extremely high.

While this app gets the job done, it’s GUI is far from perfect. Navigation is the opposite of intuitive, because to look up pilot, you have to press the  “EVE” logo. To go back to the search screen, one needs to push the pilot’s portrait. Two well skinned buttons would be much easier.


Developer: Taigh Solais Price: 0,79 EUR


A simple tool to monitor the status of your characters in Eve.

Allows you to:
* View all your characters across multiple accounts.
* Easy flip view between many characters.
* View basic character details and time to training queue end.
* View all orders and transactions.
* View all Eve emails and notifications.
* Receive notifications warning of skill queue end.
* Use new API access keys.


A rather simple Character Tracking App (even though its a paid one). GUI is intuitive, but the background makes some parts of text unreadable (white text on white solar flare). It’s the only App which shows the current ship. Switching between multiple characters is very easy – all you have to do is swipe left or right.

The App allows to track the following:

  • Character location and ship
  • Skill points
  • Skill currently in training
  • Market Orders
  • Transactions
  • EVE Mail, Notifications

I would expect a bit more from a paid App, but if the developer fixed the background and added the skill tree, this App would really be worth the money.

EPIc-for-EVEEPIc for EVE

Developer: Adolfo Adorni Price: 1,79 EUR


EPIc for EVE Online is your Planetary Interaction Companion.
With EPIc you can browse Eve Planets and materials you can extract from or build on planets, set up your current warehouse of materials and set up the production goal and study you colony plant settings.

Using EPIc you can share your warehouse whit Eve mates and complete every build target easily!


This is the only app for Planetary Interaction on iOS, it’s also the most expensive one! Since CCP offers no API for PI, the app does not need a key.

Everything is set up in the app itself.

  • First, you need to input your PI related skills on the “Settings” tab – Interplanetary Consolidation and command Center Upgrades.
  • Secondly, switch to the “Planets” tab and set up your colonies. To do this, choose a planet type from the list, press the right arrow sign.
  • Set up colony name and add structures. You will have to enter details such as link lengths as well.

Based on what you have set up, app will determine what you’re producing on the “Recap” screen. It will also let you to set up exportable and importable materials (if you have to move them between planets). IMHO the background on the Recap screen should be less transparent, because the bitmap with the Drakes makes it a bit difficult to read. Otherwise the UI is very clear and intuitive.

Last but not least, you can create a group with other players. Such group will be able to plan goals and import/export commodities between their planets.

IMG_1249 IMG_1248 IMG_1251 IMG_1252 IMG_1250


Developer: Robert Bojor Price: FREE


EVEMine will help EVE Online players, miners especially, to optimize their mining time and in the same time increase the ISK per hour ratio.

The Ore Mining tab will serve for when you’re strip mining those pesky belts. Just input your Mining yeld, Cycle time, Lasers used, Asteroid type and quantity and hit Run Calculation.

The Ice Mining tab works a bit different. Input your Cargo space, Lasers used and Cycle time and it will notify you when your cargo is full. This way you can do your AFK jobs and not switch to the game constantly.


Another really simple app, but can potentially be useful. If you are an Ice Miner and you are not afraid of gankers, this is the perfect timer app for Ice Mining. Simply warp to a belt, start mining and minimize EVE. The app will then sound an alarm when the cargo hold is full, so you know when to alt-tab back to EVE.

Unfortunately the app does not seem to be up-to-date with Mining Barge changes in Inferno 1.2.

20130426-115602.jpg 20130426-115613.jpg 20130426-115622.jpg

eveccEVE Carebear Central

Developer: bbb Price: 0,89 EUR


* Fetching current Jita/Dodixie/Amarr/Oursulaert/Rens mineral/ice prices from server. – It is (buy+sell)/2 atm. Also you can see detailed buy/sell prices in Detail window via detail button.

* Calculating Ore/Ice values at Ore/Ice tab. Listing their refined minerals, also their ISK/volume values so you can see which ore to mine is best at current market prices.

* Character Tab: You can add your characters -click info button at bottom right for info- to see all their minerals worth with current selected data pull with their location. Also main character list shows current wallet + all mineral worth.


The app is quite useful for Tech I manufacturers, because it allows a quick peek at the ice/mineral prices in all major trade hubs (using eve-central as its price source). Unfortunately entering API KEY is a bit complicated compared to other EVE Online apps. First, you need to enter your character name, so the app does a reverse characterID lookup (what for?), then you can copy and paste your API key from EVE Online website. Once you’ve done that, the app will pull the assets API feed and calculate the value of all minerals in posession of your character. It will also display the current amount of ISK in your wallet. The biggest disadvantage however is the fact that the app is a paid one (0,89 EUR or $0,99)

20130426-115828.jpg 20130426-115834.jpg 20130426-115838.jpg


Developer: Simeon Mitev Price: FREE


This is the right tool for everyone who’s playing EVE ONLINE and need to convert ETC60 into ISK or convert ISK into playing time.

Iskies will keep you informed about the actual average sell price and average buy price for a single ETC60 of Eve Timecode Bazaar, right on your iPhone.

If you want to convert ISK from within the game just setup your desired SELL price and Iskies will let you know when the right moment has come.

Using EPIc you can share your warehouse whit Eve mates and complete every build target easily!


A very simple and straight-forward app. You can see the graph of the average price of 60-Day ETC on Timecode Bazaar (on EVE Online Forums). When you slide the first graph with sell prices, a second one with buy prices will appear. Again, EVE API isn’t used here at all.

IMG_1258 IMG_1259 20130426-115822.jpg

Google Play (Android platform)


Developer: Jason Parks (in game: Marcel Devereux) Price: free


Aura is a application to track and monitor your characters for EVE Online (

Version: 1.3.7

Please join the in-game channel (Aideron Robotics) or visit the Aura
forum for support or posting feedback (I do not read market comments):

You can also follow me on Google+ ( or Twitter (@aideronrobotics).

Send your ISK donations to Marcel Devereux.


Aura has been a long time leader when it comes to Android Companion apps for EVE Online. The feature list is quite extensive and includes almost everything available in EVE API. It even has a Ship Fitter (granted, it is a bit buggy at the moment).

  • Current Skill Queue
  • Trained Skill Tree
  • Certificates
  • Skill Planner
  • Pilot Attributes
  • RSS Headlines
  • Asset viewer
  • Item Database
  • Industry Jobs
  • EVE Mail
  • Market Orders
  • Wallet Journal
  • Market prices (from
  • Server status
  • Total worth (the value of all assets calculated at mean prices from eve-central)

Menu of Aura is a grid layout, which is similar to Evanova.  As it turns out, the similarity is not coincidential. According to Traquenard Labs “As a matter of fact, Aura has got its dashboard redesigned after the first version of Evanova. There is a little rant about it on Eve’s Technology Labs“.

Adding the API keys is possible by directly copying and pasting KeyId and vCode, but also through website – all keys connected to AR account will also be available in Aura. The last method involves creating a plaintext file with KeyId:vCode pairs in aura directory on the SD card.

The App GUI is smooth and well designed, with dark backgrounds and white texts there are no readibility problems. While phone version looks great, the tablet layout is a little empty, but nevertheless displays correctly – you will not see weird rescaled bitmaps in Aura. The App does not show any ads, but the developer is accepting donations.

A little thing I could complain about is “Coming soon ™” screen shown when you open Podcasts, Faction Warfare or Mercenaries (surprisingly, this is a placeholder for Dust 514 API, which does not exist yet). The fact is, Aura really offers a lot of features, so we can turn a blind eye on that. Another thing is the Fitter, which is unfortunately rather buggy at the moment (I still don’t understand how DPS is calculated).

One of the big advantages of Aura is it’s community support. Both Aideron Robotics corp and other Aura users are willing to help anyone who reports problems. It is also quite easy to get in touch with the author of this App, so you can request new features or offer feedback – just browse to if you have any questions.



DeveloperTraquenard Labs Price: free


Evanova: Eve Online application for your Android smartphone or tablet.

Evanova allows you to browse through many aspects of your Eve Online pilots.

You can follow your training queues, assets or markets orders at a glance and view information about the corporations your pilots are in. Or check the status of Eve Online servers.


Evanova is the runner-up. The UI is well designed and works on both phones and tablets. The main menu is a grid layout which consists of 10 icons. In my opinion, the fact that two best Android apps for EVE share a grid layout menu means it is likely the most user-friendly one for EVE Online mobile apps.

Evanova’s menu allows access to the following information:

  • Current Skill Queue
  • Pilot Attirbutes and implants
  • Trained Skill Tree
  • EVE Mail
  • Assets (+ corp)
  • Market orders (+ corp)
  • Wallet Journal (+ corp)
  • Corp member list
  • Item database
  • Server status (+ MOTD)

To import API Keys you can choose one of the following ways:

  • QR Code scan (neat!) – generate a QR Code on Evanova’s webpage and then scan with the phone
  • Clipboard – copy the KeyId and vCode to clopboard and let the App import it from there
  • Plaintext file on SD card: /evanova/api_keys.txt
    The file should have the following structure KEYID:VCODE or KEYID:NAME:VCODE – that last format will tag the key with a NAME
  • If you already have a plaintext file for Aura, Evanova will import it automatically

Evanova seems not as feature rich as Aura, but when you realize that most of the features of Aura’s are “coming soon(tm)”, Evanova is actually equally useful. This app certainly shows a lot of potential.


EVE Industry Calculator

DeveloperEXTER Software Price: free


Calculate profits from manufacturing, ore refining, and ice refining on EVE Online (, based on character skills, blueprint ME/PE levels, and market prices. Supports market price lookup for products and materials using the EVE-Central ( API (prices are based on the Jita market).


This app is a quite simple calculator, which calculates material amounts for any BPO based on your character skill levels. It will also calculate refining yield for ore and ice. This app will also calculate total cost of materials used for manufacturing (it downloads the prices from Simple but powerful app.

Eve Industrial Tool

DeveloperPicon Software Price: free


The Eve online industrialist tool for dummies.

Follow me on tweeter on @piconsoft.

IMPORTANT : Thank you very much for your comments, post bug reports every time you have problems. It’s easy for me to correct bugs if I know where to correct 🙂 – To send a report choose the corresponding option when the bug popup apears. Thanks for your time 🙂

This tool provides you help in finding new production opportunities quickly and easily. It gives you information on the required materials for the production of items and optimizes your production by indicating what really cost you the most.

All this possibilities on your phone and everywhere.

The cost of an item is based on your skills (if you provide a valid API Key), prices from, material level, blueprint invention (for Tech2 items).

You can manage production plan, and this tool lists you the items you need to buy, to mine, or manufacture before the final production.


A real masterpiece. This app is way different form the other companion apps, because it is primarily focused on Manufacturing and Industry in EVE Online. This App will show you the material cost breakdown of any Tech I and Tech II item, it will take your skills into account (if API Key is provided). It will also allow you to plan an industrial operation, including a list of materials that need to be mined or bought off the market.

Some players complain that the amount of ore that needs to be mined is inaccurate, because there are leftover minerals. It is not true – I have tested it.

  • Ore simply contains more minerals than just the ones required by the manufacturing job
  • Ore needs to be refined in specific quantities

The UI is very well designed, not to mention great composition charts and brand new Inferno data dump.


EVE Sleeper Loot Calculator

DeveloperMark Rabenhorst Price: free


EVE Sleeper Loot Calculator is a simplistic calculator to be used in conjunction with EVE-Online to calculate the profit for the most valuable salvage recoverable from sleeper wrecks found in wormholes.

This version only includes the most common salvage:

* Ancient Coordinates Database
* Melted Nanoribbons
* Neural Network Analyzer
* Sleeper Data Library
* Sleeper Drone AI Nexus


A really simple App designed just for one thing – calculating sleeper loot value. Do not expect anything else – as I said – this is a really simple App. It is however very handy, and doesn’t require alt-tabbing to Excel.


Developer: MoebiusLive Price: free


EveBusiness – track prices in EVE Online MMORPG in all systems and regions.

EveBusiness is simple app for tracking prices and market trends for various item types in all solar systems and regions in EVE Online MMORPG.
EveBusiness also provides an easy way to listen live radio stream from EVE-Radio, popular EVE-online dedicated radio station.
There is also built-in route calculator.
It does not need your API key.


This is a well designed interface for It allows you to look up average, min and max prices for buy and sell orders of any given item in any solarsystem of New Eden. While the GUI makes a good overall impression, the drop down list sometimes don’t display correctly (tested on Samsung Galaxy ACE). This can be a useful app for traders for quick lookups on eve-central, so there is no need to alt-tab from EVE to a browser.


EVE Trade Finder

DeveloperMoebiusLive Price: free


Let finding of trade routes more convenient.

The program help you to find more profitable routs of trade traffic in EVE Online. Select your location, deep of search, options of your ship and sorting.
The program load data from eve-central resource, so check for the freshness of the data before using.


I did not initially understand what does this App do (I thought courier contracts are involved). Then, after some digging I found the answer. ETF checks buy and sell prices on and then tries to find the most profitable trade routes. Since is generally quite accurate for price lookups, this could be a valuable tool. Unfortunately, because is fed with data exported from various people EVE clients, there is some lag between what is actually happening in game and what is shown on eve-central. Some trade routes indicated by this App are still valid, and can bring a tidy profit your way.

EVE News 24

Developer: reinforcedtv Price: free


News from Eve Online, 0.0 updates, Opinions, Rumors, Law, Gossip.

If you are looking for up to date news and information about EVE Online this is the App for you. EVE News 24 is the premier website for all the news and reporting for Tranquility.

This app features:
News feed – the latest headlines with links to full story.
Facebook – EN24 facebook
Twitter – EN24 twitter
Youtube – EN24 youtube
Contact form – a way to give story leads or just comments.

More features being worked on for future versions.


It does what it says – it’s a small “hub” application, which allows quick access to all things related to portal. Clicking an RSS entry will open system default Browser with the full story.


Developer: ToLuSe Price: free


Shows a rotating spaceship from the EVE Online MMPOG.

Selectable are:
* 5 Backgrounds
* 6 Spaceship models + Pod
* 6 Colors for the ship lights
* Environment light on/off
* Model texture on/off
* 4 Shaders for choosing render quality (Android 2.2 or greater)
* Model rotation on/off
* Zoom
* Orientation

In-Game ISK donations can be sent to ‘Andares Sol’.

Attention, this is a LiveWallpaper and has therefore no launcher icon!
Go to your home screen and start the application like this:
Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpaper
Select “EveLiveWallpaper”, configure with “Settings…” and activate with “Set wallpaper”.

This is the result of a one man hobby-project, so have mercy with your reviews!


I am not surprised, that ARM based “pocket computers” can render good 3D graphics. But one can never fully understand how much performance mobile phones have got until graphics from a PC game is brought to mobile in such a smooth manner. Since the original model format used by CCP takes a lot of time to load on a mobile device, the developer has converted the models to his own format. Unfortunately that also means there is only 6 ships to choose from:

  • Opux Luxury Yacht
  • Nightmare
  • Rupture
  • Vexor
  • Nighthawk
  • Prophecy
  • and of course Pod.

Settings panel also allows to choose a background, which slowly revolves as the ship spins around. It is possible to set the flare color, rendering mode, zoom and orientation.

On my Samsung Galaxy ACE (S5830, running Android 2.3.6) the rendering is smooth and there is no UI lag with the wallpaper on. The only downside of having a spinning ship on Android phone is… shortened batery life. 3D rendering is not an easy task for the mobile GPU, so with this wallpaper on, battery life will be rather limited.

All the above only confirms my earlier suggestion that modern ARM devices (especially those with nVidia Tegra 2 and 3 or Apple A5/A5x) could easily handle an EVE Online themed game with Trinity graphics.



There was a great App for iOS once, the famous Capsuleer. Since Roc Wieler shut down the project, there was no “The” EVE companion App. I think we have two apps right now, that could possible replace the king of the hill:

  • EVE Universe. Because all the features actually work, and it is the most feature-complete App available for iOS. If the developer adds some support for PI planning at some point, it will probably be the best mobile companion for EVE Online – of course on iOS only.
  • Aura. Because its the most advanced App for Android (and one with probably the best community support so far). Some features are still under development, but the most useful ones (EVE Mail Notifications! Skill planning) are working without issues. Good job Marcel!

Four more Apps deserve special distinction:

  • Evanova – because it is feature-packed and the QR code API importer is a win.
  • Dusk – it makes a great runner-up on iOS platform, and has a really good Interface. If only it had all the features EVE Universe has…
  • EVE Industrial Tool – as an excellent planner tool for players beginning their journey through the crafting side of EVE,
  • EVELiveWallpaper – for excellent rendering quality, smooth animation and a spinning Capsule on my home screen. Thank you!

EDIT: There have been questions from the community about which devices have been used for testing, so here is a complete list:

  • iPad 2 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3
  • HTC Tattoo Android 1.6
  • Acer Aspire One AOA110 ZG5 running Android-x86 4.0

Note: not all apps work on every of the above platforms.

6 thoughts on “Mobile apps for EVE Online on iOS and Android

  • February 8, 2013 at 23:28


    I am the developer of Evanova. Thanks for your review.
    I would like to point out a small accuracy though; you mention that “The main menu is similar to Aura,”.

    As a matter of fact, Aura has got its dashboard redesigned after the first version of Evanova.
    There is a little rant about it on Eve’s Technology Labs

    I would appreciate if you can correct this.

    Thanks again for your reviews. I wish I had an IOS phone 😉

  • February 9, 2013 at 10:46

    Thanks for your feedback, I have corrected the review. I wish I had a better Android phone 😉 The ones I own both suck.

  • May 22, 2013 at 06:15

    Still at a loss as to how Google has become as controlling and proprietary as Apple (or Microsoft). If your device is not blessed by them, then you are out of luck… Google Play only supports a percentage of devices, and these apps only come via that route. Nice looking apps, too bad many cannot ever use them.

    • May 22, 2013 at 11:11

      Unfortunately there is no official .APK file of a great app – Evanova, but it should be possible to get an .APK from a rooted device.
      You can still use Aura, because it is distributed both in Google Play and as a standalone .apk – head over to to download it.

  • February 23, 2015 at 07:33

    There is a slight problem with this, EVE News 24 application no longer exists, but there is an application called EVE News which is awesome because it has all of the news websites into one.

    • February 23, 2015 at 13:10

      Thanks for the heads up!

      This page is a little old (dating back to 2012) so some minor inaccuracies are possible.

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