PVP flag changes in EVE Inferno unveiled at Fanfest

As usual, CCP releases a lot of information regarding the next expansion for EVE Online at Fanfest: the big annual event in Iceland, where players can meet devs in person.

Those of you who actually managed to go to the Fanfest, know the information below already. Those who are not so lucky (including myself) might want to read this post about changes to criminal mechanics. Bear in mind that nothing is “set in stone” and is subject to change. To sum up the proposed flag changes:

  • Players will see all aggro timers and will know when it’s safe to log off
  • Remote assisting will now give 60 second no jump/no dock timer. It will keep resetting until assist is stopped.
  • Reduce performance issues

New “suspect” flag

  • Minor crimes. Anyone can shoot you without penalty.
  • Flipping a can for example
  • Anyone assisting a suspect becomes a suspect

Criminal Flag

  •  Just like current GCC
  • Killing someone makes you a criminal
  • Concord will now instantly destroy your ship instead of spawning multiple CONCORD vessels
  • CCP has not yet considered delays of CONCORD response in high sec related to security status
  • CCP is considering warp scrambling the offender first, then instant destruction of the ship after X seconds

Sec Status

  • Security status for ship killing will only bring character to -5
  • Pod killing will bring ss further down to -10
  • Killing someone with positive ss will decrease your ss
  • Killing someone with a negative ss will give bonus to your ss
  • Possible to trade in criminal tags to CONCORD for ss increase.
  • It will be possible to kill a -5 character without penalty in low sec


  • Adding more information to battle reports including remote assistance
  • More data in the EVE API
  • Killmails for self destructing
  • Killmails for reinforcing structures

DUST – EVE link

Yesterday CCP has also presented a keynote about DUST 514. One of the important things is the ability to make orbital strikes by EVE Online players, which will affect DUST players. DUST bunnies are not defenseless though, there will be surface batteries capable of blowing up ships in orbit as well.

Feel free to visit the forum thread about DUST 514 keynote, which has been started by CCP Navigator. Before you do, however, I really recommend you these two videos:


and here you can watch the keynote itself:


PS. Real time SD stream from Fanfest is available here: http://fanfest.eveonline.com/en/stream/free. You can also buy a HD stream access for as much as 1 PLEX. This will grant you two Quafe 2012 t-shirts for your avatars and a limited edition ship: Iteron Mark IV Quafe Edition.