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“Not like this… not like this.”

It's a very sad day for the entire EVE Online community. Vile Rat, an ex-CSM and a member of GSF has been killed by extremists yesterday in an attack on american consulate in Benghazi. Even though many of us never had a chance to talk to this man, those who did, speak very highly of him.

When I first read The Mittani's article about this senseless death I felt heartstricken. I could not believe something like this could happen in civilized world. Worst part of it is that these people are most likely proud of what they did. Vile Rat owed them nothing, and did no wrong to them. Yet he has become a victim to their hatred. It's easy to provoke it in people. It's one of the strongest and most primal human emotions. I really despise those who incite hatred in people, using it for their own goals, pushing others to deeds like this.

Godspeed, Vile Rat. May your soul rest in peace. Fly safe man.

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