Set a long skill! Because Incarna is almost here.

Set a long skill! Because Incarna is almost here.

Because at this time tomorrow CCP will be deploying EVE Online: Incarna to Tranquility. Scheduled downtime will last 14 hours, beginning at 5:00 UTC (evetime) and should finish at 19:00. The list of new features is quite extensive, some of which have been awaited by the community for a long time:

  • Full body avatars will now walk out of the ship (just like in STO),
  • Captain’s Quarters – first room for said avatars to explore,
    • Strategic Data Feeds – sov information, incursions, pricechecks, etc.
    • News Feeds
    • Agents – Agent Finder panel installed in quarters
    • Planetary Interaction Panel – One-click access to PI Management
    • Walkway/Balcony – for those who don’t like CQ at all – just stay on the balcony
  • Animated and overhauled turrets – for pew pew pleasure,
  • Noble Exchange – micropayment based shop with avatar related items,
  • Improved New Player Experience,
  • Aura (the computer voice in EVE Online) has returned
  • Updated Maller model (affects Sacrilege, Maller and Devoter)

My question to you is: What do you plan to do during the extended downtime?

New Guns


Downtime have been shortened from 7:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC. Additionally, Incarna 1.0 patch notes are already available.