Sisters of EVE Battleship announced: please welcome the ‘Nestor’

Yesterday afternoon CCP Rise has posted the proposed stats for the SoE battleship, the Nestor. For those who expected the first Covert Ops battleship: sorry, not this time. The rumors about Clone Vat Bay turned out to be false as well. The ship has some other traits though, most noticeably its mass, which is about 56% of other Battleships mass. It also has the exploration and hacking bonuses that its smaller siblings have. The initial review is “hmmm… that’s interesting, but…”

Let’s have a look at the tables first

3D webgl preview

Role bonus:

50% bonus to remote repair amount

100% bonus to remote repair range

50% bonus to large energy turret optimal range

50% increased strength for scan probes

+10 virus strength for relic and data analyzers

Amarr Battleship Bonuses:

4% Armor resistances per level

Gallente Battleship Bonuses:

10% drone damage and hitpoints per level

Slot layout: 7/6/6
5 turrets, 0 launcher
Fittings: 11250MW, 680tf
Shields: 8900
Armor: 9950
Hull: 9900
Capacitor: 6200
Cap Recharge: 1044
Max Velocity: 92 m/s
Drone bandwidth: 125
Drone bay: 500
Targeting range: 75 km
Scan Resolution: 85
Max Locked targets: 7
Sensor strength: 24
Signature radius: 465
Cargo capacity: 700

As you can see, it has quite a set of bonuses. We’ve got armor resists, we’ve got drones HP and DPS, we’ve got exploration and hacking and instead of Covert Ops cloak expected by some players, we’ve got 50% to remote armor rep amount. With 4 Large remote reps and 3 cap transfers, Nestor would dwarf Guardian and Oneiros. But there is one issue: Large Remote Armor Reps have slightly over 8km range. Question that is currently open is: will it be better to drop the 50% rep amount bonus for a 100% rep range bonus? Or should it have both? This question is a tough one to answer, because with both bonuses this ship would be seriously overpowered, and better specialized at remote reps than dedicated ship class (Logistics). On the other hand, in it’s current iteration it would be rather vulnerable to bombs.

UPDATE: CCP Rise added 100% remote armor rep bonus. Is this the first ship with 5 role bonuses?

Nestor’s stats also make it a decent PVE boat, rather similar to the Rattlesnake (but the latter can be 100% passively shield tanked). It also seems at least partially useful for Incursions, where crazy remote reps and high resists would be very useful (but to be honest I don’t know if Incursion doctrine is still all around shields, as it used to be when I last played with them. Can anyone shed some light on the current state of affairs?).

It’s going to be expensive

Now let’s have a look at the LP store price tag. It won’t be cheap I’m afraid:

Item Sisters of EVE (hi-sec) The Sanctuary (0.0)
LP cost ISK cost LP cost ISK cost

Nestor BPC (1 run)
Nestor BPC (1 run)
600,000 LP 150,000,000 ISK 400,000 LP 100,000,000 ISK

Nestor pre-built
Nestor pre-built
1,000,000 LP 100,000,000 ISK 800,000 LP 80,000,000 ISK

If we assumed the LP rate for SoE loyalty points at 1,000 ISK / LP (typical exchange ratio), the blueprint-made version would cost around 985M isk, and the pre-built one would be 1,100M (rather cost-ineffective). But that is a very optiomistic scenario. For example, Stratios currently sells for 435M ISK, and takes 120,000LP, 30M ISK and 10M in minerals to produce. That leaves us with 120,000LP = 395M ISK equation, which brings the SoE LP ratio close to 3,291 ISK / LP. Nestor’s initial prices will be counted in billions for sure.


nestor-02  nestor-05 nestor-showinfo-traits nestor-showinfo-description

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3 thoughts on “Sisters of EVE Battleship announced: please welcome the ‘Nestor’

  • December 5, 2013 at 01:36

    I just want one. GUess I’ll have to start saving my pennies!

  • December 5, 2013 at 09:29

    Me too! I tried running some SoE missions, and while gaining 150k LP for Astero and Stratios was just a few days of grind, 600k will be rather hard to earn. I might just buy the thing for ISK.

  • December 5, 2013 at 21:11

    Something wrong with the ring at the top of the ship, i really hate that ring position/size in the design for the rest i like it. Just move the ring a bit more to the center resolve my bad feeling but following that, a good part of the center need to be adapted. I’m afraid CCP do like for the Golem and change nothing because it’s the final concept.

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