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Rubicon 1.1 Static Data Dump conversion

DevFleetHi #DevFleet! CCP has again published the static data dump before deploying expansion to Tranqulity. I would like to thank @Darkblad_eve here, who sent me and @FuzzySteve a heads up tweet on Twitter last night about new SDE being available. It seems CCP has a new procedure: SDE is deployed on friday immediately preceding the usual tuesday expansion deployment on Tranquility (only database is available for now, icons have not been published yet). Anyway, today I had a few spare mintues to run the conversion. Please find the results here:

You might want to get the new "Ship traits" -> Head to Fuzzy Steve's page (look for invTraits).

The original MSSQL data dump is available on the official Toolkit page.

LMeve Database updated

The item database has been updated to use the new Static Data dump as well. For example: Nestor stats are up to date now, and Deployable Structures have been move to Structures group, along with other POS and Outpost modules. When you head there, you will find all the new deployables (they will be missing icons until CCP publishes them, though).


Rubicon 1.0 Static Data Dump conversions available


This post is entirely for the #DevFleet out there. CCP have outdone themselves by publishing static data dump for a new expansion 4 days before actually deploying it on Tranqulity! It was already available on the Toolkit page last friday.

It means that we - the third party developers - had even more time to convert and adapt the data to our projects. Unfortunately it was not so easy to convert the data this time. As most of you know, CCP has recently switched from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012, which means the official Static Data Dump has now SQL Server's 2012 media format. To make the ride even more rough, SQL Server 2012 only runs on Windows Vista and above, and Windows Server 2008 R2 and above. In order to make my development VM compatible with the new Static Data Dump, I had to set up a clean new VM with Windows Server 2008 R2 and the new database version. Fortunately it is possible to do all that legally, because Windows Server 2008 R2 is available as a 180 day trial (which can then be rearmed twice to extend the trial even further), and you can use the Express version of SQL Server without paying a dime.

Now the results!

SQL Server -> MySQL & SQLite:


YAML Certificates schema

YAML Certificates schema

I have also updated the LMeve Database to use this new dump, feel free to have a look.

Type Icons

CCP has only published a data dump, with icons and renders (probably) coming soon. Don't worry, I have prepared a "delta" Rubicon icon pack. Simply copy it on top of your existing Odyssey icons:

Icons and renders have now been updated by CCP. Go to the Toolkit page to fetch it.


If you find any issues with these dumps, please let me know. This is the first dump from SQL Server 2012, so it is possible some things can be different either in schema or in the data itself. LMeve works just fine, but that's just me.



Aura updated to Inferno 1.2

Yesterday Jason Parks better known as Marcel Devereux has updated Aura to use Inferno 1.2 data dump. Additionally, some users have identified a crash on pre-Honeycomb devices, which was quickly patched by Marcel.

The current stable version is 1.3.9 (build 73)

App can be downloaded directly from Google Play, and if you haven't heard about Aura yet, this review is a great source of information about mobile companion apps for EVE, including Aura.

If you need support, or have an idea for a cool feature, please head to our forums: www.aideronrobotics.com



The day Aideron Technologies was born

With the recent changes to Faction Warfare in EVE, rewards for participation in FW have been increased considerably. Because of that, Aideron Robotics directorship is planning to enlist with Gallente Federation in an effort to mount additional pressure against the Caldari militia and reap the rewards. This has a side effect on the Industry Program, which has been effectively pushed out to a new sister corp, Aideron Technologies.

Aideron Robotics will still have a small industry wing for people who would like to contribute to both FW and production, but the majority of industrial tasks (and planning) will be done by Aideron Technologies.

For those interested in joining Aideron, the good news is, we are still recruiting, and there will be one recruitment process to both corps. During the interview new characters will be assessed and players will receive a proposal to join one of the corporations (or both, if player owns more characters). To apply to Aideron, please visit our forum: www.aideronrobotics.com. If you are considering Aideron as your new home, this Seismic Stan's column about Aideron Robotics on Guild Launch will be a great source of information about our day-to-day operations.


Aideron Robotics and Aideron Technologies do share common roots, but are completely separate corporations. If you would like to apply to Aideron Technologies, please contact Razeu or TheAhmosis in game.


New Corp – Changes!

So I've been running this one-man corp of mine for about a year and it was... going nowhere. I did have enough time to log on briefly and do the PI. I could build some stuff (I have been inventing and manufacturing 425mm Railgun II's for some time), but most of the time I did not feel like flying to hubs for materials. Any kind of low or null sec ventures would require me to team up with others (and either wait for them, or make them wait for me). Of course I did earn some occasional kills when someone more or less explicitly crossed my path and did something stupid.

But it's all history now, because after this tweet:

I have applied, been screened, and in the end allowed to join Aideron Robotics, the corp which brings you Aura, an excellent EVE API client for Android. I will be joining an army of industrialists, who fuel the war machine and build ships for those who make things boom. The more ships you guys destroy, the more ISK I make, so keep 'em coming! My inner businessman is looking forward to Hulkageddon V and changes introduced in Escalation to Inferno: both will drive mineral prices crazy (they have become quite high already - market warriors already make profit from the coming changes).