Changes: theme facelift and more

Torchwood Archives isn’t dead – actually far from it. Being involved in a couple of projects has a side effect of not having enough time to write new posts 🙁 . As most of said projects are closer to finish now, the lack of time thing is bound to change soon. First off, I’ve given my theme a much-needed facelift, namely a new background (chosen out of over a hundred screenshots) and some CSS shadow under the content frame. Additionally, background is now scaled to fit the browser resolution (CSS 3 background-size: contain)

Here you can see, how the site used to look like before, and what other backgrounds I have tested before finally settling with the one you can see on Torchwood’s front page now:

This is how it used to look like First Second
Fourth Fifth
The images used as backgrounds can be great EVE themed wallpapers, so I’m posting them here.

I am also testing a script, which can load specific backgrounds for specific pages, but it isn’t quite ready yet. I am also thinking about changing the front page. While the news list looks like a typical blog should, modern sites use multiple columns layout, short news excerpts, and featured sliders.

Fear not, the most important thing – new content – is also coming this way.

Stay tuned!

– Lukas

AchiEVEment unlocked: 100.000 visits. Win a rare Intaki Catalyst or a Navy Domi!

I have noticed yesterday, that I have just broken the 100.000 visits* count, since July 2011.

* The number is a bit inaccurate though, because I’ve started this blog on March 5th, 2010. I did not care about Analytics much for more than a year, because I thought the amount of traffic I was getting was low anyway. A simple linear approximation gives the number of 21.640 visits before turning the Analytics on. Traffic profile for a start-up website is rarely linear, so this estimation is most likely higher than the actual number would be.

Celebration is in order!

I guess this achievement needs another ship raffle 🙂 You have most likely already noticed the new Catalyst variants. Some of them sell in Jita for 165M, some sell for up to 500M ISK.

You can win two ships in this contest, one of which is a limited edition Intaki Syndicate Catalyst:

Intaki Syndicate Catalyst

The ship is currently quite rare and is worth around 300M ISK.

The other one is a ship well known for its resilience and exceptional drone DPS: Dominix Navy Issue

Dominix Navy Issue

How to win these shiny ships?

1. Write a comment under this post about what keeps you attached to EVE Online.

2. The comment must be at least 10 (ten) words long.

3. Use your character name or Twitter login so I know who to contract the ship to.

A plaintext file with nicknames will be created in the order the comments have arrived, i.e. first valid comment is ticket number one, second valid comment is ticket number two, and so on. Then the Chribba dice will be used to pick the winner.

The first draw has taken place on 21st of November. I have randomly chosen the winner from all valid comments posted under this post saved before 00:00 21.11.2012 EVE Time. The winner of this draw has received the Intaki Syndicate Catalyst. [tickets | dice]

The second draw has been held on 23rd of November. I have again randomly chosen the winner from all valid comments posted under this post saved before 00:00 23.11.2012 EVE Time. This time the winner has received a Navy Domi. [tickets | dice]