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CCP WebGL updated!

This is probably one of the best news for T'Amber and me in a long time: a CCP dev Filipp (we don't know his CCP nickname yet) has updated CCP WebGL library to use V4 shaders, and moreover he did a complete model export up to date with EVE Tiamat release. What this means is that third-party projects like LMeve and Jeremy can again display all ships in EVE in full glory with up to date shaders and models!

The new webGL library is a little different from the previous one, because it is using the new SOF mechanism (Space Object Factory) instead of plain .red files.

For example, to load an Onyx heavy dictor, old javascript call looked like this:

var ship = scene.loadShip('res:/dx9/model/ship/caldari/Cruiser/CC2/Kaalakiota/CC2_T2a_Kaalakiota.red', undefined);

and new call is a little different:

var ship = scene.loadShip('cc2_t2a:kaalakiota:caldari', undefined);

You probably noticed that instead of a file name we have three "ship DNA" strings now. The mapping between ship's typeID and the corresponding SOF entries are stored in graphicIDs.yaml, which is available in Static Data Export:

graphicID description sofFactionName sofHullName sofRaceName
38 Caldari Frigate Bantam caldaribase cf1_t1 caldari
39 Caldari Frigate Condor caldaribase cf2_t1 caldari
40 Caldari Frigate Griffin caldaribase cf4_t1 caldari
41 Caldari Cruiser Osprey caldaribase cc1_t1 caldari
42 Caldari Cruiser Caracal caldaribase cc3_t1 caldari
43 Caldari Battleship Raven caldaribase cb1_t1 caldari
44 Minmatar Frigate Slasher minmatarbase mf1_t1 minmatar

I have already updated LMeve to use the new library, but because of a small issue (more on that below), it currently only works if your LMeve is served using HTTP.

Updated Onyx model

Public LMeve Database has been updated as well. Here's an example page with the Amarr Confessor (please note you must press "3D" button for the WebGL preview to load).

All roses have thorns

Unfortunately the current version of the CCP webGL library has some drawbacks, too:

  • there are two model/texture sources now (so a simple reverse proxy like the one I've developed for LMeve won't handle it)
  • both sources use HTTP, so modern browsers like Chrome will trigger a security error when trying to load HTTP based resources from HTTPS based website.

The latter is a very simple thing and I'm sure Filipp will be able to correct it. With CORS headers now properly set on CCP CDN we no longer need a proxy to serve models and textures.

New version of Jeremy in the making

With the new webGL library T'Amber sees a lot of potential to improve Jeremy. the new version would be using dynamically generated list of ships (instead of hardcoded list maintained by T'Amber). I will help with all the backend work (for example serving all SOF and invTypes data by JSON API).

Here's a little teaser:

Stay tuned, because we are working hard to deliver you the best possible out of game ship spinning experience 🙂

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Victorieux Luxury Yacht

A few days ago CCP Gargant has announced the first inter-server EVE Online Tournament. See, there are no shards in EVE Online, there is only one server for the whole world: the Tranquility. Well, almost. There is one more server with a slightly modified version of EVE that complies to Chinese law and standards - Serenity.

Worlds Collide Tournament will pit the best PVP players from both servers against each other. But my post is not about the tournament itself, it's about the prize. See, the winning team will win Victorieux Luxury Yacht for every active player on their home server. This ship will never appear on the losing side's server ever!

Right now it's hard to tell if the ship will be at all useful (like the Gnosis), or will become just another collectible shuttle. It is however worth mentioning, that it is built on the model of Opux Luxury Yacht, which you could actually fit with modules (5 high, 3 medium, 6 low, 2 turret, 2 launchers, 50m3 dronebay). Opux' EHP is rather low when compared to rebalanced cruisers (it's on par with the pre-rebalance Exequror). This way or another, the ship has a beautiful model, and I totally understand why CCP wants to put it to a wider use.

I have faith in the CAMEL Empire and hope they will secure the ship for Tranquility (go go Camel Empire!), but before they do, we can give this glorious ship a spin in T'Amber's paitning tool Jeremy:

http://pozniak.pl/caldariprimeponyclub.com/?ship=Opux Luxury Yacht Intaki Syndicate Edition

Victorieux Luxury Yacht


Victorieux Luxury Yacht stats are now available in LMeve Database:


50% bonus to warp speed and warp acceleration

Immune to Interdiction Sphere Launcher, Warp Disruption Field Generator and Mobile Small, Medium and Large Warp Disruptor

100% reduction in Cloaking Devices CPU requirement

Can fit Covert Ops Cloaking Device


Developed for use by station governors and other well-connected members of the Intaki Syndicate, Victorieux-class Luxury Yachts combine opulent accommodations with state of the art cloaking and propulsion systems. The Victorieux enables comfortable and discreet travel for business or pleasure, from Poitot to Intaki and beyond.

The Syndicate has steadfastly refused to answer inquiries on how they obtained the technology necessary to enable simultaneous cloak and warp drive activation on this yacht.

In early YC117, Silphy en Diabel announced that the Syndicate would be sponsoring an invitational tournament and making limited run blueprints for the Victorieux available to all capsuleer supporters of the winning team.