Quafe Megathron giveaway winners

We have a winner! According to this Chribba dice, the winner is Euclid Motorhead!

The runner ups were Growler Dude and The Chrysi.


Thank you to everyone who participated, and best of luck next time!

Euclid Motorhead
1. Euclid Motorhead

Growler Dude
2. Growler Dude

The Chrysi
3. The Chrysi

Prizes have been contracted to the winners and are ready to be claimed. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Quafe Megathron skin giveaway & more!

megathron_72dpiYesterday during fourth episode of the “o7” show, CCP was giving away 30 codes for Megathron Quafe Edition skin (the same one that I’ve drawn using Rixx Javix hints).

I have just realized I won one of those codes! 😉

But I think one of you, my dear space friends, will put it to better use than I would, so I’m giving it away!


To enter the raffle, simply comment under this post until 23:59, January 22th. Winner will be chosen randomly next Friday, Jan 23. Make sure to include your in-game name, so I can contact you regarding the prize.

Giveaway prize list so far

1. 1 run Megathron Quafe Edition Blueprint Copy 4x Quafe Zero 1x Megathron Quafe Edition Blueprint Copy (1 run)
4x Quafe Zero
2. Confessor 1x Confessor
3. Confessor 1x Confessor

[ ticket list ] [ dice ]

P.S. Tech I Megathron is not included – you will need one to apply the skin to.

P.S.2. A little change of plans. I won’t be available this weekend, so I’m shortening the giveaway so the winner will be announced on Friday.

Inspired by Rixx Javix: Megathron Quafe Edition

Have you ever heard of Rixx Javix? I bet you have. Well, our famous blogger friend from Eveoganda has recently started drawing EVE Online ships in Adobe Illustrator in order to create high quality posters that you can then print out on A0 and put on your wall, so everyone knows that internet spaceships are your hobby. I really recommend you take some time, and have a look at his work here: Art Print Poster Series.

The series looks great, each ship is positioned in a way that presents it best, and is meticulously detailed, so even after printing at a very high resolution, it still looks amazing. I guessed the method Rixx used to create these (he later confirmed it on his blog), and – being inspired with his work – took my own attempt at recreating one of the most iconic ships in EVE – The Megathron – in a vector drawing. But it’s not just any Megathron – it’s Megathron Quafe Edition.

Rixx is using Adobe software to make his series, namely Illustrator and Photoshop. I have chosen to use open source software instead, so my poster was made with The GIMP and Inkscape. Both me and Rixx used The Amber’s excellent ship viewer known as “Jeremy” at http://caldariprimeponyclub.com/ for reference.

Click to download 300dpi versionFeel free to download the vector SVG version here.