New “Borg” Monocle in Inferno 1.2 (updated)

Don’t bother checking in the official patch notes, because you will not find it there. A closer inspection of the the Market interface however will reveal yet another monocle for EVE Online characters:

With the latest release of new (added to the game in Incarna 1.1.1, but not released until recently) items, the prices of items in NeX store are much more sensible and well within the “micropayment” range. I hope this new monocle will continue the same trend; affordable micropayments will likely bring CCP a bit more revenue, while keeping the EVE community calm. Remember: greed is only good for Ferengi (and Ferengi’s place is in Star Trek Online).

This new Combat Ocular might have been as well released to Tranquility by mistake. In any case, players who are still waiting for meaningful avatar gameplay can rest assured that Team Avatar is still there.

Update (14.08.2012)

According to the patch notes, CCP has removed the new monocle in Inferno 1.2.4:

“A black monocle that was unintentionally released has been removed and characters who had it equipped will have their portraits flagged for re-rendering.”

The item however still displays in the market window (unless patch notes mention a different black monocle).


Thousand more free AUR coming your way

If you are an EVE Online player that is. When logging on this evening I have noticed my account now has 1000 more AUR than it had yesterday, meaning another share milestone has been reached on and CCP rewarded players with free currency to buy clothes for avatars. Two sharing stages have been unlocked so far, yielding a total of 2000 AUR per account (1 PLEX equals 3500 AUR, so CCP gave away an equivalent of half a PLEX so far).

Congratulations, EVE community!

PS. The next step will unlock 1500 AUR, so if you want some premium stuff for your avatar for free, keep sharing.

More apparel for EVE Online avatars

Many players have noticed, that CCP has recently released a second batch of items, that can be bought from the Noble Exchange (one of the items included in the second release is GDN-9 “Nightstalker” Combat Goggles). Those curious about what will be coming in future batches can check themselves. In order to do so, open the Market, go to Apparel group and uncheck “Show only available”. There is several kinds of monocles coming to the NeX near you!

EDIT: as to confirm my post, two days later CCP has released a third batch of items, more affordable this time.

About Noble Exchange and market PVP

Doen’t matter if one is completely new to EVE or if one is a vet, almost every player knows that EVE Online is a PVP focused game. Large majority of people will however limit this PVP to pure combat, which is not exactly true.

The Noble Exchange have gained lots of attention when it was first introduced, but now that things calmed down, people started using it. And just like in PVP combat, some players just aren’t good at market PVP.

First off, let’s do some maths, because EVE’s second nickname is ‘Excel in space’.

Typical sell price of a PLEX is today 368 million ISK (Essence region). One PLEX can be converted to 3500 AUR, so the exchange ratio would be:

1 AUR = 105 143 ISK

That means, that if for example Men’s ‘Precision’ Boots cost 1000 Aurum, they should not be sold below 105 million ISK. If the same applies to Women’s ‘Executor’ Coat, I should pay at least 368 million for it.

Luckily for me, some people decided that math sucks, and it’s better to sell some clothing below these thresholds ‘because why the hell not’. So I bought said boots for my main for 59 million and the Coat for my female alt for 30 million ISK.

Wanna proof? Look below 😉

PS. I also bought a Fenrir freighter for 680 thousand ISK in the past, so this kind of things really happen.