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What is it?

So you have played EVE Online for a while and you ask "what is this whole COSMOS thing?" - rest assured - the answers are coming. No, COSMOS is not just the former name of EVE Gate. COSMOS is a long forgotten PVE content, which was supposed to bring the ability to indulge in the storyline of New Eden. There is some similarity between COSMOS and storyline missions, but there are also differences. If you have ever run missions in EVE (I bet you tried that, at least for a while) you most likely know, that every 15 missions you get a Storyline mission offer, which gives you a standing bonus to the whole faction when completed (not just to a single corporation, like normal missions do). There goes the similarities to COSMOS, because COSMOS missions always give you faction standing increase, besides normal corporation stand bonus. What is different however, is the availability of COSMOS missions. Everyone who meets the standing requirement of a COSMOS agent can attempt doing these missions.


The guide to solo Scout sites [Obsolete]

This post is from 2011 and after changes in EVE: Hyperion is out of date

Almost every EVE player already knows, that trying to solo an Incursion site is a bad idea. But fear not, if you only need a few more hundred LP to get that famous Meta Capital repairer for your supercarrier, you can do a few small sites solo.

CCP has designed some easy sites with low pay for beginners and people who only need a little bit more LP: the Scout sites. Beacons for these missions spawn in Staging system and can be accessed just like the other Incursion sites. Main difference is the amount of NPCs, which is lowest; usually only three frigates at a time will be trying to kill your ship.


Bring it on, Kuvakei!

Last weekend I finally managed to do more than just a few Scout incursion sites. I have joined a fleet from Synepublic channel (not an official FCORD fleet though) and we went on doing Vanguard sites.

In the meantime, I've noticed, that the Incursion channel was full of LFM DPS! and "Looking for fleet" kind of requests. Immediately I felt like playing ... WoW. EVE universe is harsh by design, players generally don't trust each other, so this kind of questions flooding a public channel is rather unusual.

The fleet was an armor one, consisting of 10 people. We had three Logistics (healers) - 2x Oneiros and my Guardian, 2 Abaddons, Dominix, Deimos (FC), Thorax, Myrmidon and one Ishkur fitted for hacking. The first encounter, "Nation Commander Outpost" is pretty easy. The site consists a few waves of Sansha frigates and the final spawn brings the Boss frigate - Sansha Commander. Since our fleet had three Battleships, most dangerous NPC to us was the Tama Cerebellum - very similar to Cloaked Bomber class, which can fire Banshee Torpedoes against bigger ships.


Incursion ‘Intelligent’ Sansha NPCs

I have ran through the Static Data Dump available here, which was released by the CCP shortly after the deployment of Incursion 1.1.0. I have found several new NPCs, which will be part of the upcoming Incursions.

A complete list of new NPCs, their effects and some other items related to Incursion 1.1.0 are available here New Intelligent Sansha NPCs in Incursion (links work in-game).

Antem Neo

Subject: Prototype Nation Vessel (ID:Antem Neo)

Military Specifications: Cruiser-class vessel. Primary role is long-range sniping support. Moderate microwarp velocity. Vessel will attempt to establish orbit ranges in excess of 100km.

Additional Intelligence: Est. 900,000 civilian abductions from Antem IV. The Neo identifier suggests this variant was designed recently, or alternatively, is an improvement upon other, pre-existing designs. Possible links to the Mara Paleo variant.

Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0059. DED Special Operations.
Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.