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The EVE Launcher is almost ready

Remember when CCP mentioned the new EVE Launcher before releasing Crucible? So here they mentioned it again. It seems that the Launcher is almost ready - it is now part of the Singularity client, so it is possible to give it a go.

What does it do?

  • It shows a handy collection of EVE related links: Account Management, PLEX services and Buddy Program.
  • It shows the current news from the game
  • It checks that EVE Online client is up to date and patches it automatically if it isn't
  • It can repair the client in case it's broken
  • No need to restart the client when there is new patch to download
  • Works on Windows and Mac OS X

To the contrary of what CCP is saying, the EVE Launcher is not something new. The original EVE Second Genesis client also featured a launcher, although it was not this powerful. The original Launcher did not feature anything useful, so it has been removed at some point.

If you do not have/do not want to install the Singularity client, here is a screenshot from the most current version:

And here is the forementioned original launcher dating back to 2003:

 What happens next?

CCP Topknot has mentioned three things

  • peer-to-peer technology for downloads instead of current CCP content delivery network
  • limited gameplay (corporate forum access, chat channel interfaces, etc.) while patching
  • more smaller patches instead of big staged releases

One impression I can't get out of my mind is that some other colourful, fluffy singleplayer MMO have such p2p-based autopatching launcher already implemented for a while... Is CCP learning from Blizzard?

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  1. A lot of MMO games use a launcher these days, not surprised Eve is going that route.

    • True, I have a Star Trek Online account (it’s free to play now so I recently checked on it) and STO has a launcher as well. It’s a common trend.
      But I don’t think STO is using P2P downloads, and I know for sure that Blizzard does. They use it for all games which can be acquired as a digital download.

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