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Winter Expansion coming to Singularity

Yesterday a new beta build has been deployed to Singularity test server, which brings some, but not all the announced content of the still-unnamed-winter-expansion.

First off, new font has been introduced and moreover, it has been tweaked since its introduction, so it is now both readable and fits the existing GUI pretty well.

Secondly, there is the new cyno effect and the jump drive activation effect. It is still not as good as the old one, but I like it more than the current Tranquility version. And the new cyno is just simply beautiful piece of art.


Then, there are some ship changes: Destroyers have received 10% boost to shield, armor and hull, additional 25% boost to the capacitor, while at the same time the signature radius has been reduced by 25%.

Another change has been done to the logistic ships class. Oneiros now sports 4/4/5 layout instead of 4/5/4, and its powergrid has been boosted from 850 to 1050 MW. All logis had their warp speed slightly boosted, from 3.00 to 3.75 AU/s

The fitting window also received a further overhaul: it used to display defenses (tank HP/s, EHP). Now it also shows the DPS, so no external tools are needed to calculate fitting effectiveness. Fitting screen has also been reorganized a little to emphasize on important information, such as cap stability, DPS, tank stats.

The Customs office is now a player constructable object, with the Customs Office Gantry, which is build off BPC's bought by CONCORD and Faction Warfare loyalty points. After the Gantry has been sucessfully anchored in orbit, further materials are required to upgrade it to a full blown Customs Office. The owning corporation is able to set their own tax (within some limits), so this can be a great source of passive income. The new Customs Office can now also be destroyed, so players can finally actively compete around the PI. As a side note, low-sec Customs are still present, even though the dev-blog mentioned their removal. They already do have a corp ticker however (it shows CONCORD at the moment).

At last, all the racial CQ's are now there, but ship spinning UI has been made the default view, and the big, ugly CQ/spin button has been removed. If you ever choose to switch to the CQ interface, just right click your ship and choose "To Captain's Quarters". To go back to spinning, a new option has been added to the ship context menu - just hover the mouse above your ship holo and click on the "Enter Ship Hangar" label.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD jump animation

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD jump animation

Hybrid turrets and gallente ships rebalancing is still not yet there, neither are the new Battlecruisers. We will probably have to wait a little bit longer for that.

PS. Dear CCP: Why does an iPad game still have a better looking jump animation than EVE?

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