Coming soon in WoT Blitz 8.5

Coming soon in WoT Blitz 8.5

World of Tanks Blitz 8.4 was just deployed last week, but news about 8.5 already started to appear in social media.

  • European tank commanders will be giving orders in their native languages starting from the next update. In 8.5, the “National Crew Voice” option the crew of european tanks will be communicating in Italian, Czech, Polish, and Finnish. The same will apply to “Girls und Panzer” vehicles: Hetzer Kame SP, Tiger Kuromorimine SP, Firefly Saunders SP, and IS-2 Pravda SP—similarly to the Pz. IV Ankou SP—their crews will speak Japanese.

WARGAMING is also working on unifying credit earnings between tanks. This is why in update 8.5 we’re going to:

  • All researchable tanks will have their credit coefficient equalized. It means some of the researchable tanks will earn more or less credits than before. Therefore, overall vehicles’ profitability for each tier will become more flat. These changes won’t affect premium tanks.
  • Repair cost and AP shells will be free for all tanks (researchable, premium and collector). To keep the overall profitability the same, credit ratios for those tanks will be adjusted. As a result, credit farm pace won’t change.
  • Starting from 8.5, Ace Tanker, Top Gun and Kolobanov’s Medal will grant players extra credits when playing on tier VI+ tanks. The rewards are cumulative, so earning two medals will pay even more credits. Scoring all three medals at Tier X will net 250.000 credits!

Premium tank earnings will not to be reduced
WARGAMING promised not to reduce the actual credit ratio for premium tanks. But with free repairs and ammo it means Premium vehicles will have their credit ratio adjusted. Premium tanks won’t earn less credits in update 8.5.