WoT Blitz: Coming Soon! New Polish Tanks and a New Map

WoT Blitz: Coming Soon! New Polish Tanks and a New Map

Yesterday WARGAMING has posted a new video with ‘leaks’ which shows what to expect from World of Tanks Blitz in the coming months.

Let’s have a look at the folders presented in the video:

  • 1_T110E3_Stream
  • 2_New_Event
  • 3_New_Models_Quality
  • 4_Battle_Pass
  • 5_New_Map
  • 6_Lorraine_Fearless_4rating
  • 7_New_Tree_60TP

T110E3 “Worthy” Legendary Camo

First thing we can see on the video is T110E3 with a Legendary Camo. The new paintjob is typically american, with a very light olive hue and a white star, along with the “Worthy” name painted on the side of the upper hull.

UPDATE: Wargaming said on Twitter this camo will be coming to the game in patch 8.1

New event Enigma

The next is a new event with the top prize being a german VK168.01 Premium Heavy tank. The theme of the event strongly suggests to be related to Enigma – german mechanical encryption machine used during WWII.

New Models Quality

WG has recently introduced new PBR textures in World of Tanks Blitz 8.0. Initially only the new American Heavy line and the Kunze Panzer had the new textures. In this “Coming soon” video WG promises more tanks with the new textures coming to the game. However, some of the tanks presented are totally new premium tanks rather than any of the existing ones.

New Battle Pass

Battle Passes are here to stay (in so many games now), because they offer a multitude of rewards for a really modest price. So here’s a glimpse of the upcoming one. Looks like we will be getting a VK 30.01 (D) based submarine tank.

However this time completing the Battle Pass will grant a special container, which may contain a very unusual american heavy – the Tier IX AE Phase 1, which sports four tracks instead of two.

New Industry Map

This summer will also bring a new map to Blitz, one set in an industrial area. There is little details regarding the new map, but Blitz veterans will quickly notice it bears some resemblence to Falls Creek, Faust and Yukon.

Lorraine Fearless for Rating

One of the rewards for Rating Battles in summer will be Lorraine Fearless, which is very much similar to Lorraine 40t (so at this point it’s hard to tell if this is a whole new tank or just Legendary camo for existing one). What we know for sure however is that it’s really beautiful, and of course has the new PBR textures:

Last but not least – polish Heavy Tank line

Update 8.0 has brought new “Yoh” american Heavy line. We can expect another heavy line in the nearest future – the polish line. These tanks are based on blueprints developed in cold war Poland. WG has presented the Tier X 60TP Lewandowskiego, which will be waiting at the top of the tree.